Alkaline Diet Recipe: Creamy Raw Spinach Soup

Creamy_Raw_Spinach_Soup_mediumLast time, I shared a day in the life of the 80/20 lifestyle, including what I eat on a typical day. As you know, I try to eat as many raw foods as I can. And one way I love to get raw veggies in is to eat raw soup.

They’re great for the on-the-go 80/20 lifestyle because it’s easy to take them to work or make extra for meals throughout the week.

If you like gazpacho, you’re going to really enjoy a lot of raw soups.

There are so many delicious raw soup recipes out there, and the one I’m sharing today is no exception. Most raw soups use a blender to pulverize the ingredients and make a smooth, velvety broth.

This cold spinach soup is extra creamy because of the avocado and nuts that are included in the blend.

So give it a try, look for other raw soup recipes like my Creamy Avocado Gazpacho, and get the Spring Alkaline Recipe Book for more delicious raw recipes.

Creamy Raw Spinach Soup
Serves 2


2 cups filtered water
Spinach_medium½ bunch spinach (chopped to fit in blender – it should fill the canister)
1 cup loose basil
¼ cup red onion, chopped
½ medium cucumber
1 stalk celery
¼ cup avocado
½ tomato, chopped
2 tbsp. olive oil
½ medium clove garlic
½ tsp. Celtic sea salt
¼ cup pine nuts, cashews, or almonds


Combine everything in the blender except the tomato. Blend on high. Ladle and add the tomatoes as a garnish. To serve, drizzle with olive oil.


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