Avocado Chocolate Mousse

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This is a DECADENT, delicious egg and dairy-free dessert that will satisfy even the most discerning chocoholics. If you don't tell, they'll never know it's avocado-based...and the best part, it is ALKALINE!

Chocolate lovers of all kinds will appreciate this rich, easy to prepare confection.

Total Prep Time: 10 Minutes
Settle Time in Fridge: 2 hours (it may not last it’s THAT GOOD, AND YOU CAN CERTAINLY EAT IT BEFORE!)


1 1/2 Haas Avocado

2/3 cup Coconut Water

1 tbsp Vanilla (I use a company called Medicinal Flowers Vanilla, highly concentrated organic oil - use 8-10 drops)

2 tbsp Raw Cacao

3 Dates (can use 5 to make a little sweeter)

1 tsp Sea Salt (Celtic Gray - I used 1.5 tsp)

Use some 70% Dark Chocolate shavings as a Ganache (I love The Grenada Chocolate Company)

Blend all ingredients in blender at high speed until you reach a thick, desired consistency. Refrigerate to make firm.

(Note - it will thicken more once refrigerated, so don't blend TOO much)

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5 Responses

  1. Hi Dr Daryl, I was excited to try this recipe however the end result was that I couldn't eat the final product-even though I followed all the instructions. The consistency was great however all I could taste was salt, I tried to sweeten with more dates but it made no difference and I had to throw it all away.
    1. Tracey
      Hi Shannon, So sorry to hear you didn't like the end result. Maybe try less salt or even no salt next time. I am very sensitive to salty tastes as well and I find it's much better for me without. Tracey
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  3. Daryl Gioffre
    With this recipe, the ingredients you use are EVERYTHING. Did you use coconut water, and if so, which kind? I find the raw coconut water is a little sweeter and works the best. Also, what kind of blender did you use. I have tried this recipe with different blenders, and something about the Vitamix works best. Lastly, I think the vanilla is the key ingredient. I use a raw essential vanilla oil from a company called Medicine Flower, and it is very concentrated compared to other vanillas. Get back to me on these questions, b/c when you nail this recipe down, it is so perfect! But I can tell you, sometimes it takes a few tries and playing with some of the ingredients to match your palette i.e. the salt
  4. Rachel
    Love some of your other recipes like the quinoa tomatoes and lettuce avacado wraps but there is something about this chocolate mousse recipe that did not turn out right. I even used less salt than recommended ( figured I could always add more ) and it was tremendously salty. The recipe was so bitter and salty I had to pitch it .

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