Alkaline Recipes

Alkaline Diet Recipe: Lemon & Turmeric Water

    Last time, I told you all about molecular hydrogen and how it can transform your water into an antioxidant machine. Well if you don’t have a molecular hydrogen unit, you can still enjoy the detoxifying power of water if you add nature’s most potent detoxifier and anti-inflammatory, turmeric. This drink is perfect for...
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Alkaline Diet Recipe: Kale Pesto Pasta

    Alkaline food should be delicious in addition to being so nutritious. So last time, I shared 5 ways to make alkaline food delectable, even if you are just beginning the alkaline lifestyle. This delicious pesto recipe is going to be one of your new favorites because it’s so good. If you haven’t tried...
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Alkaline Diet Recipe: Memorial Day Treats

    Like we talked about in my last post, the secret to getting a bikini body is eating plenty of fats and the right fats. Well today, to get you ready for the upcoming holiday weekend, I have a special treat for you (pun intended). I have put together three delicious alkaline desserts that...
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Alkaline Diet Recipe: Curried Carrot Soup

    Last time, I gave you everything you need to know about the most potent, powerful spice on the planet, turmeric. And today, I’ve got a delicious recipe that utilizes turmeric in 2 forms – in a powder on its own and in curry powder – along with both of its most powerful allies,...
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Alkaline Diet Recipe: Avocado Caprese

    I used to love caprese salads. The creamy mozzarella, the flavorful tomato, the herbaceous basil; it was like the perfect bite for this Italian guy. But because I now know that mozzarella, like all acidic foods, takes a toll on my body and the earth, I no longer eat it. But that doesn’t...
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