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Alkaline Diet Recipe: Creamy Avocado Hummus

    Last time, I shared my 10 favorite ways to enjoy avocados. If you haven’t tried avocado hummus, you’re in for a real treat today. I love regular hummus, but this knocks it out of the park! It’s smooth and velvety, rich and creamy, nutty and flavorful all at the same time. And of...
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An Alkaline Makeover for Your July 4th BBQ

    I love the 4th of July – the fireworks over the Hudson here in New York City, parades, spending time with loved ones celebrating our country’s freedom, and of course, summer BBQ’s. The only thing I don’t love is all of the acidic food most Americans eat at the typical BBQ. Heavy meats...
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Alkaline Diet Recipe: Avocado French Fries

    Did you know you could make avocado strips into “fries”? You’re going to love this recipe, which, if you read my last article, ‘The 5 Misconceptions About Salt That Could Be Ruining Your Health’ uses healthy sources of salt that your body needs for optimum performance. Often, when a doctor says to cut...
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Alkaline Diet Recipe: Italian Hummus

  Here is Nae Nae’s (my mom) secret recipe for her Italian Hummus (not so secret anymore ) Super delish, and very easy to make and no tahini. Great for the holiday party season that is upon us! INGREDIENTS 1 lb. bag of organic garbanzo beans 1 lemon (fresh juice) 1/2 tsp. sea salt (Celtic...
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Alkaline Diet Recipe: Alkaline Macaroons Recipe

    If you caught my past blog post about how to maintain (or even lose) weight during the upcoming holidays, you’re not going to want to miss this recipe. It’s perfect for indulging in the flavors of the season without the guilt, sugar, and acid that usually comes with them! These almond alkaline macaroons...
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