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Alkaline Diet Recipe: Sweet Potato Avocado Soup

    If the combination of sweet potato and avocado doesn’t sound like something you’d like, but you enjoy both foods on their own, trust me – you’re going to want to try this! This soup is savory, sweet, satisfying, and velvety smooth. Once you top it with the avocado, lime juice, jalapeno, and herbs,...
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An Alkaline Makeover for Your July 4th BBQ

    I love the 4th of July – the fireworks over the Hudson here in New York City, parades, spending time with loved ones celebrating our country’s freedom, and of course, summer BBQ’s. The only thing I don’t love is all of the acidic food most Americans eat at the typical BBQ. Heavy meats...
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Alkaline Diet Recipe: Creamy Spinach Basil Soup

    Last time, we talked about the missing ingredient for better overall health and easier weight loss… chlorophyll. So today, I’ve got a delicious recipe for you that’s going to give you a healthy dose of chlorophyll. This soup is ready in just a few minutes, but the taste is so herbaceous and complex,...
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Alkaline Diet Recipe: Hearty Veggie Winter Soup

You might remember that drinking lots of water is right there on top of the list of beneficial things for your health. Staying hydrated is important year-round, but anytime you’re fighting off germs left and right, your body needs extra hydration to move the lymph around in your body, which flushes out toxins and nasty...
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A Delicious, Alkaline Valentine’s Menu

    Today, I’m bringing you a full 3-course menu for Valentine’s Day to enjoy with that special someone. Sure, you could go out to eat, as long as you have reservations far in advance, and you’re willing to eat overpriced food from a set menu that’s not worth the hype. But I know I’d...
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Alkaline Diet Recipe: Watermelon gazpacho

Have you ever tried watermelon gazpacho? It’s a delicious, cold summer soup much like tomato gazpacho. But in this case, the watermelon takes the place of the tomato. Watermelon is light, juicy, and a little sweet, making this gazpacho a refreshing summer meal. You’ll want to make it early in the day so that the...
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