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7.365-The pH Secret to Health & Energy

For those of you who are new to the Alkaline Diet, undecided, or confused by the million different types of so called ‘health’ diets out there, I want to help simplify the process and thinking for you today. There are certain numbers that we all know that the body has to maintain on a regular...
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AlkaMind 7-Day Acid Tracker

SO, WHAT THE HECK IS AN ‘ACID TRACKER’? In our previous blog, we discussed the correct ways to test you pH with urine and saliva. We learned that one reading in and of itself is pretty insignificant. It is when you begin to track these pH readings over time that you will start to see...
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pH 101: Acid/Alkaline Balance and Your Health

The Secret of 7.365 There are certain numbers that we all know about that the body has to maintain within a very tight range to be healthy, and to be alive. Our body regulates its temperature at 98.6, our blood pressure at 120/80, blood sugar, cholesterol, etc. Usually your doctors are monitoring those for you...
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How to Correctly Test Your pH Levels

Testing Your pH for Alkaline Balance The quality of your choices will ultimately determine the quality of your pH. Tracking your daily pH is inexpensive, extremely easy to do, and takes very little time (less than 30 seconds). All you need is a box of duel pH test strips and something to write in to...
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