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Quiz 2 – Five Acid Sources


As you GET OFF YOUR ACID, to help target which steps you may want to especially focus on, take this quiz to find out which sources of acid are most problematic for you…

Is it dietary, from what you eat and drink?  For example, sugar, grains, dairy, etc?

Is it metabolic?  From working out to hard, or not working out at all?  Maybe you’re stressed and don’t breathe?

Is it chemical?  These are the chemicals acids that you take, which could be smoking, antibiotics, drugs (both legal or illegal)?

Is it environmental?  These are harder to avoid as they are all around, but could be where you live, what you drink, etc?

Is it stress?  I say it all the time, stress outweighs anything you eat or drink a million times to own.  This quiz will quantify how it affects YOU!

Directions: Place a check mark in front of any sentence that describes you. At the end, you will add up how many check marks you have in each acid category.