Get Off Your Acid on the Jane Wilkens Michael Show

Kelly Ripa calls his program “life changing.” His list of devotees spans the globe. Meet health visionary Dr. Daryl Gioffre, Jane’s first guest on today’s show.

A celebrated nutritionist, longevity expert and creator of the revolutionary Alkamind Cleanse, he is also a chiropractor, health coach, certified raw food chef, ultra-marathoner, passionate speaker, educator and author. His latest book, already a runaway best seller, is Get Off Your Acid: 7 Steps in 7 Days to Lose Weight, Fight Inflammation, and Claim Your Health & Energy.

Dr. Gioffre discusses the ill effects of inflammation, the major culprit behind many of our current maladies, from weight gain, depression, and chronic disease to seemingly everything in between. To that end, he shares easy-to-do tips and tools on how to cut the acid culprits from your diet to alkalize and body and achieve optimal beauty, health and endless energy.

Get Off Your Acid & Get Energized

  • Feeling tired? Even after a good night’s sleep?
  • Crashing at 3pm?
  • Feeling sluggish all-day long?
  • Missing that “get-up-and-go” feeling you used to have?

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