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The #1 Most Powerful, Alkaline Food You Can Eat

    If you could eat a tiny portion of the healthiest food on the planet every day to get easy benefits like disease prevention, slower aging, easier weight loss, and a stronger immune system, would you do it? This isn’t a hypothetical question or some futuristic cure-all pill… There really is one food that...
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Spring Forward with Better Sleep, the Alkaline Way

    This weekend the clocks will change to Daylight Savings Time and we’ll lose an hour of sleep. And the importance of quality sleep cannot be overstated as part of the alkaline lifestyle. Sleep is when your body fights acid most efficiently. Your liver and kidneys are filtering out acids and toxins, your cells...
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Do You Know the #1 Most Important Number in Your Body?

    (Hint: It’s not your cholesterol level!) What if I told you there is a more important number for determining illness and inflammation than your blood pressure, your resting heart rate, your temperature, or your cholesterol level? Those are all important numbers, but this one number is even more important, and ignoring it can...
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