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AlkaMind Daily Greens

30 Small Things You Can Do to Get Alkaline

    If it feels intimidating to try and get back into a healthy routine, I get it. I really do, because I’ve been there. There is SO much information out there, and worse off, even more MIS-information! One article says eat this food, while the next says to avoid it like the plague…WHO DO...
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Declare Your Independence From Acid

    Having just celebrated Independence Day, there’s nothing Americans could benefit from more than being HEALTHY. Well, what is health? Simple. In one word…ENERGY! And how you reclaim your energy is by alkalizing your body, eliminating the acid that has been building up in your body, that has been slowing you down. Just like...
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The ABC’s of Getting Off Your Acid

    If you’re interested in slimming down, being more energetic day to day, getting stronger joints, muscles and bones, and improving any and all digestive complaints, you need to GET OFF YOUR ACID! Acid is so corrosive it can burn a hole through metal. If it can do that to metal, think about what...
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The Four pHood Groups for Alkaline Health

    When you’re just getting started with the alkaline lifestyle, it might seem like there’s a lot to get used to. And that’s a good thing – there are many different ways to get off your acid and you can find what works best for you so it’s sustainable. But there are also essentials...
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