30 Small Things You Can Do to Get Alkaline

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If it feels intimidating to try and get back into a healthy routine, I get it. I really do, because I’ve been there.


There is SO much information out there, and worse off, even more MIS-information!


One article says eat this food, while the next says to avoid it like the plague…




But that’s why I love the alkaline lifestyle. It’s based on a scientific premise that is very simple – the more alkaline foods you put into your body the better, and the more acid foods the worse.


It’s not a diet. It’s not all or nothing. And it’s not a succeed or fail proposition. The more things you do to get alkaline, the healthier you will become. It’s that simple.


So today, I’ve got 30 little things you can do effortlessly to work toward getting more alkaline.


You want to get to a consistent lifestyle that is 80% alkaline and no more than 20% acidic - or 80/20 as I like to call it, but even just one percent here, one percent there goes a long way.


Let’s jump right in!


  1. Swap out rice with quinoa. It’s a simple switch that takes the same amount of time to make and tastes almost the same, and in fact, I love the taste, but it’s much more alkaline. While many people may have told you brown rice is good for you, it contains trace amounts of arsenic and my point here, is that it’s a grain. And the two things you really want to avoid are sugar and grains, as they both pump up your body’s insulin levels.
  1. Drink more alkaline water, especially if you’re replacing fruit juice, soda, or carbonated water with alkaline water. This small thing makes a big difference in how you feel. I make it a point to drink 3-4 liters every day, and I aim to have an alkaline pH of 9.5. Now, I have an ionizer that generates that specific pH for me, but if you don’t have one, don’t worry – add a lemon or lime slice, or a dash of Celtic Grey Sea Salt, Himalayan Salt, or some Alkamind Daily Greens or Daily Minerals.
  1. Take your handy (free) copy of The Ultimate Alkaline/Acid Food Chart with you when you go to the grocery store so you have clear information about hundreds of foods at your fingertips. It’s the easy way to know if you’re making the alkaline choice. For example – a banana, do you think that is alkaline or acidic? What about an orange? Grapefruit? Check out this incredible chart, you will be quite surprised!
  1. Join the Meatless Mondays movement and go with only plant-based protein sources one day a week. Even one day without animal proteins makes a big difference in the acid levels in your body.
  1. Swap out canola or vegetable oil with coconut oil (or even extra virgin olive oil would be a big improvement).
  1. Get moving! Take a walk, go for a swim, jump on a rebounder for 10 minutes, or dance your way to getting alkaline.
  1. Start each morning off with Alkamind Daily Greens. It’s like the best cup of coffee ever. It turns into natural energy without the jitters or acid you get with a cup of joe. And if you are still insistent of having your coffee, here should be your new rule – before you have one sip, you MUST have a glass of Daily Greens, so that your body is armed with the antioxidants and alkaline goodness to neutralize all the acid in that one cup.
  2. Instead of drinking cow’s milk, try organic coconut milk or almond milk
  1. Stop eating one sugary thing each day. It might seem intimidating to eliminate sugar altogether, even though you know it’s best for you, so start with taking just one sugary thing you eat and replacing it with an alkaline alternative. Over time, you will see a huge geometric change in your health from this one healthy choice.Choose organic at the grocery store instead of conventional. Organic produce has fewer pesticides and more nutrients, which makes it more alkaline.
  1. Get colorful. Try to combine as many colors on your plate as you can because the more colorful it is, the more alkaline it is too. (Celery, cucumbers, beets, red onions, yellow and red bell peppers, etc.)
  1. Replace butter in recipes you’re making with coconut oil or even mashed avocado.
  1. Start taking a good quality Omega 3 fatty acid supplement to ensure you’re getting enough of the healthy fat your body craves. One of the most important numbers in your body is the Omega 3 to Omega 6 ratio. Omega 3s are anti-inflammatory, while Omega 6s are pro-inflammatory. The ratio should be 1:1, yet the average American has 19X more Omega 6s than 3s!


Do you know your ratio??? You need to, so if you want to have your tested with a simple kit, email Alkamind Customer Support at support@getoffyouracid.com and we can get a kit sent out to you.


  1. Go nuts! Carry raw almonds, macadamia nuts, pecans, Brazil nuts, cashews, or pistachios around with you in case you get hungry so you’ll always have an alkaline snack.

    1. Instead of table salt, throw a dash of Celtic Grey Sea salt, Himalayan, or Redmond Real Salt on your food. Remember, there are salts that heal and salts that kill.
    1. Bounce on a rebounder for 15 minutes. I know you’ve got 15 minutes – you could be checking Facebook or you could be getting off your acid!
    1. Try a smoothie for breakfast. It’s bound to be more alkaline than your standard bowl of cereal or protein bar, so it will give you the energy you need for the whole day. They’re easy to make and super alkaline. (Careful not to add too much fruit – check out my free smoothie recipes here.)
    1. Make salad dressings from scratch instead of store bought. You can make a big batch to last you a week or two using alkaline recipes like this tangy citrus dressing or this herbaceous dressing.
    1. Switch from peanut butter to raw almond butter. Peanuts are commonly associated with a toxic mold, which makes them highly acidic and carcinogenic. You need to avoid all peanut products like the plague!
    1. Go green! Make it your intention to eat leafy greens at least once each day, whether it’s spinach in a smoothie, romaine on a salad, or kale with your dinner.
    1. It’s as simple as that. Here’s my favorite 3:6:5 Power Breath that quickly and easily alkalizes you anytime, anywhere:
    • Sitting up straight, breathe in through the nose for 3 seconds.
    • Hold the breath for 6 seconds.
    • Exhale out your mouth for 5 seconds.
    • Do 10 repetitions.
    1. Swap your standard sandwich bread with Ezekial bread, the only gluten food I recommend. (Here’s why.)
    Made with the four most crucial, fast-absorbing alkaline minerals, Alkamind Daily Minerals is the most effective way to neutralize the acids and toxins in your body. Our unique blend of calcium, magnesium, potassium, and sodium bicarbonate are essential in gently detoxifying your body, plus a high-mineral organic lemon juice powder that tastes great and fights acid! Take at night for better sleep, after a workout for faster recovery, or to battle cravings, aches and pains, and stress. Decrease Reflux & Neutralize Acid Reduce Joint & Muscle Pain Better Sleep Fast Workout Recovery Eliminate Cravings #Alkamind #GetOffYourAcid Dr. Daryl Gioffre
      1. Replenish your body from after working out, especially anything strenuous, by taking Alkamind Daily Minerals right after exercising.
      1. Drink a fresh green juice when you’re ready for something other than water.
      1. Replace your standard gum or mints, which contain artificial sweeteners (remember, they’re the #1 most acidic ingredient on the planet), with all natural versions. Make note of the sugar content though. Some of them have sky-high amounts of sugar.
      1. When you’re eating out, go for a vegetarian, vegetable-rich entrée, salad, or appetizer instead of a heavy, meat and cheesy entrée.
      1. Add a sprinkle of fresh herbs to any dish you’re preparing. Every herb is alkaline, and along with a punch of flavor, they add vitamins and minerals too.
      1. Eat one alkaline meal each day. If you’re striving for the 80/20 alkaline lifestyle, eating one 100% alkaline meal a day will make a huge difference. So whether you pick breakfast, lunch, or dinner, go totally alkaline and see how awesome you feel.
      1. Drink an extra glass of alkaline water in the morning. It will probably decrease your need for acidic coffee and of course, help keep you hydrated.
      Most protein powders use acidic ingredients like whey, sugar, artificial sweeteners, and fillers which are BAD! Alkamind Daily Protein is doctor-formulated and uses nothing but the best plant-based organic alkaline ingredients to help you…GET OFF YOUR ACID! Use as a total meal replacement, a healthy snack, or after your workout to build lean muscle mass and recover quicker Burns Fat, Builds Lean Muscle! Boosts Energy & Metabolism Fights Cravings Quick Workout Recovery 100% Plant-Based & USDA Certified Organic Dairy Free, Soy Free, GMO Free, Gluten Free, Sugar Free #Alkamind #GetOffYourAcid Dr. Daryl Gioffre

        30. Swap your chemical-filled protein powder with organic Alkamind Organic Daily Protein made with coconut oil in two delicious flavors – creamy chocolate and vanilla coconut.

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