7 Easy Ways to Eat Alkaline (Even With Your Busy Life)

printer-friendly-button_medium     mom-and-daughterAt this time of year, things get busier than ever! Holiday events, end of semester school activities, extra shopping, and a thousand other little things fill up your to-do list. It’s easy to let your healthy lifestyle fall by the wayside in favor of quick and easy options that just happen to be full of acid. When you’re busy, it’s more important than ever to argue for why you CAN than why you CAN’T! You are as only healthy as the limitations you set on yourself – if you can, you can, and if you can’t…well, you probably know where that leads. But to stay healthy during the holidays, you have to make it convenient and easy, and turning any CAN’TS or SHOULDS into MUSTS! Fortunately, eating alkaline doesn’t have to be hard or take lots of time. I’ve put together my 7 favorite ways to eat alkaline that are super simple and fit into even the busiest lifestyle. And with the holidays already here, you will need plenty of energy, good rest at night, and alkaline nutrients to fight stress coming at you from many external sources. I don’t want to waste your time, so let’s get started!
  1. Remove the temptations.
It’s a lot harder to eat alkaline if you have chips, soda, candy, and other junk food filling your pantry. Then you feel like you’re depriving yourself, and if you’ve followed me for any length of time, you know what I have to say about that… It’s about moderation, NOT deprivation! So clear your fridge and pantry of sugary cereals, processed snacks, pastas, and drinks like soda and juice. Then next time you’re at the store, load up on fresh fruits and vegetables and other healthy snacks (Check out my last blog on how to make my Italian Hummus, an easy and delicious snack) to replace any junk that you had on hand, which brings me to the next tip on my list.
  1. Eat more raw, alkaline foods each day.
Even if you can substitute one snack or meal with raw fruits or veggies every day, that’s going to go a long way toward making your body more efficient at fighting acid. Start your morning off with a smoothie instead of oatmeal, turn to red pepper and hummus as an afternoon snack veggiesinstead of a cookie and a latte, or choose a salad for dinner instead of pizza. Those simple swaps here and there throughout your week REALLY add up. And the great thing about eating raw is that it takes practically no time at all – often less time to prep than the acidic food you were tempted to eat! Do as much prep work as you can when you bring foods home from the store so they are ready to go when things get busy.
  1. A dash of this, a pinch of that…
Up the ante of your dishes by adding a little of my favorite alkaline super stars when you’re already cooking:
  • Toss raw almonds and hemp seeds into your trail mix.
  • Add extra virgin olive oil to your grilled or roasted dishes and salad dressings.
  • Sprinkle chia seeds on top of avocado slices, salads, or even water.
  • Throw flax seeds into your daily smoothie.
  • Stir fry your veggies in coconut oil.
  • Take your tea or curry to the next level by adding turmeric.
Just making small, simple additions that don’t take any extra time or effort will up the alkaline factor and make your dishes more delicious.
  1. Pack your lunch.
It might feel like an extra step to pack your lunch before you leave for work in the morning, but you’re saving time later as you find a lunch place, stand in line, and then get back to your desk to eat. If you can bring in leftovers, you’ll save even more time and money compared to other lunch choices. Plus, if you’re smart about what you pack, it’s so much more nutritious than what you can buy at the typical fast casual options. Looking to spice up your lunch? Try these alkaline recipes:bean-salad
  1. Stay hydrated.
If there’s one recommendation I make on nearly every list I write, it’s to drink more water. And that’s for a good reason! Water is the driving force in your body. You need it to do absolutely everything. And if you’re not getting enough, it can lead to fatigue, headaches, arthritis, and serious conditions like Diabetes and heart disease. If you’re busy, the last thing you want is a lack of water to slow you down. So bring a BPA-free bottle (stainless steel, glass, or an Alkamind Shaker Bottle) with water and a slice of lemon with you everywhere you go. Aim for drinking 3 to 4 liters of water each and every day to stay hydrated.
  1. Make these easy swaps.
You already know my Swap > Better > Best philosophy for an easy way to get off your acid… goodbetterbest Well, while you’re cooking and eating out, make these simple swaps that don’t take any extra effort to stay more alkaline:
  • Ask for avocado slices instead of cheese to top all kinds of things.
  • Opt for raw almond or cashew butter instead of peanut butter.
  • Request a vegetarian option instead of beef or chicken.
  • Pick green apples instead of red.
  • Make your own spiralized zucchini noodles instead of store-bought pasta.
  • Swap cauliflower or butternut squash for potatoes in your favorite recipes.
  1. Get the most out of your cooking.
Although it’s often easier to eat out or pick up dinner instead of cooking when you’re busy, restaurants are not an easy way to stay off your acid. (I’ll have more tips for this next week though, so stay tuned.) However, it doesn’t have to be difficult to cook at home. Many of the recipes I share here not only are ready in minutes, but they also provide leftovers for lunches, so your time is well spent. If you plan ahead a little, you can find what works for your busy life like:
  • Double recipes so you have enough for two dinners and a couple of lunches.
  • Pre-wash and cut fruits and veggies when you get home from the grocery store so cooking is a snap.
  • Buy grocery store time savers like squash and beets that have been spiralized for you.
So there you have it. It doesn’t have to be difficult to eat nutritious, alkaline meals each and every day. In fact, once you get in the habit of it, it’s hard to imagine eating any other way. You feel better, you look better, your clothes fit better, and you have more energy to face your busy life. One bonus tip to stay alkaline no matter how busy your day is… Begin and end it the alkaline way! minerals&greensAlkamind Daily Greens every morning will jump-start your day and will supplement you with the essential nutrients your body may be lacking. Alkamind Daily Minerals every night will ensure you’re getting enough calcium, magnesium, potassium, and sodium bicarbonate to neutralize any acid that has built up in your system. Stock up on Daily Minerals and Daily Greens now!

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