The 7 Steps to Prevent & Cure Yeast Problems Forever

If you’ve ever suffered with any of the following conditions, your digestive system has been silently waging war without you even knowing it…


  • Irritable bowel syndrome

  • Yeast infections

  • Urinary tract infections

  • Vaginitis

  • Athlete’s foot, toenail fungus, and other fungal skin rashes

  • Asthma

  • Food allergies

  • Chronic fatigue


The enemy your gut is fighting is Candida albicans, normally a harmless form of yeast that lives on all our skin, mouths, intestines, and women’s reproductive systems. (This isn’t just a problem for women though – men’s bodies can be invaded by Candida too.)


However, Candida becomes a problem when it grows rapidly as a result of taking antibiotics or eating nutrient-poor acidic foods and is no longer in balance with the healthy bacteria in the digestive system.


Sugar feeds Candida, and when there is Candida overgrowth, you are not just dealing with the Candida itself, but you are dealing with its acidic waste products.


If the overgrowth gets out of control, Candida can enter your bloodstream.


By that point, it’s won the war!


The most important thing I can tell you today is that you do not want candida in your blood. You have to do whatever it takes to prevent it from getting that out of control.


Fortunately, you can bring your gut back into alignment.


So first and foremost, if you are dealing with Candida, starve it of the food that it loves the most: sugar and more yeast.


Once the Candida no longer has what it needs to thrive, you should focus on the big picture, which is what can you do to make your body and your internal terrain more ALKALINE.


Candida, just like bacteria and viruses, cannot thrive in an alkaline environment.


It can however, come back easily.


To explain why, let me ask you a question.


If you have a garbage dump that’s infested with rats, what’s the most effective way to get rid of them?


You can poison off all the rats, but what’s going to happen?


The rats come back, because the dump was never cleaned up.


The same goes for a stagnant pond swarming with mosquitos.


You can kill off the mosquitoes, but they will be back because the environment was not cleaned up and the underlying problem was NEVER addressed.


Your body works exactly like the rats in the dump!


You can kill off the Candida with antibiotics, but the harmful bacteria will be back, because just like the dump and the pond, the environment was never cleaned up.


So if you are dealing with chronic yeast issues like those listed above, or if you tend to get sick on a regular basis, you cannot treat it with drugs or natural products for that matter and expect it to work.


You are not treating the cause, which is an overly acidic, toxic environment.


You have to clean up your environment, stop poisoning the system, and give your body whatever it is deficient in.


As long as it is not too far gone, your body will heal itself and will know exactly what to do.


recipe meal planSo how do you clean up your digestive system so you can say goodbye to Candida imbalance forever?


Follow these 7 steps…


As always, speak with your health provider if this is a condition you are concerned about. You never want to start self-treatment based on what you read, because there is so much misinformation.


  1. Avoid the ACID! Specifically - dairy, meat, processed foods, foods containing yeast, alcohol, artificial sweeteners, and most of all, sugar so that the yeast has nothing to feed on.

    The Get Off Your Acid 7-Day Cleanse is a great way to kick start this change. This one adjustment alone will clear up most recurring yeast issues.

    A few other foods to avoid:

    • vinegar and fermented foods that contain yeast

    • corn and peanuts, which often contain mold

    • mushrooms, which are a fungus

  2. Eat low sugar fruits. Fruit in moderation is perfectly fine and even good for you, as long as there is a net alkaline effect. Because yeast lives on sugar, I recommend the alkaline fruits that are low in sugar like lemons, limes, grapefruit, avocados, tomatoes, coconuts, and pomegranates.

  3. Balance smoothies with healthy fats. If you are making a smoothie and including bananas, berries, or other fruits that are higher in sugar, you want to include 2 or 3 healthy fats too.

    Coconut oilChia, hemp, flax, coconut oil, and raw almond butter will prevent fermentation of the sugar in the fruit.

    Of course, there should always be a couple big handfuls of greens like spinach, kale, and chard. The liquid should be filtered water, almond milk, coconut milk, or coconut water. If you are buying a nut milk, make sure to read the label and avoid carrageenan, a very commonly used toxic ingredient.

    If you are ok with removing the fruits altogether and having a true alkaline green smoothie, that’s even better for starving the candida.

    You can replace the fruit with high water-content veggies like cucumbers, celery, and fatty fillers like avocados.

    Regardless, I would still load up the healthy fats even in all green smoothies.

  4. Use nature’s antifungals. There are several ointments and nutritional supplements available that have an antifungal effect.

    Caprylic acid is a natural coconut-based fatty acid that you can take orally to kill off the yeast or olive leaf extract or oregano oil (dilute it first) topically for skin fungus, or internally as a powerful antiviral/bacterial/fungal..

  5. Take probiotics. It is also important to restore the friendly bacteria in the gut by taking a good, refrigerated probiotic from a brand you can trust.

    Always go for the kind you have to refrigerate, and you should change your brand or formula up every 90 days as the bacteria gets used to the same probiotic.

  6. Add a digestive enzyme when you eat. When yeast is overrunning us, our digestion gets stressed, and can use some help to get the most out of the food we eat. You may want to consider taking a good digestive enzyme 30 minutes before eating your biggest meal of the day.

  7. Raise your pH level. Remember the garbage dump. Most importantly, create an alkaline environment so the “rats” don’t want to return. Take AlkaMind Daily Minerals and AlkaMind Daily Greens 2 to 3 times daily each and the yeast won’t stand a chance!


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