The Science-Backed Diet Everyone’s Talking About

The Washington Post just published an article titled, “The celebrity diet that actually has some science behind it.”


The author, a nutritionist, said, “There is some serious science to back this trend, so it is worth paying attention to.”


More and more mainstream press and attention is going to this diet trend and giving it credit where credit is due.


So what is this diet craze people are beginning to talk about?


The alkaline diet, of course!


That makes you a trendsetter because you’ve been paying attention for a while now, so pat yourself on the back.


But this is not just another celebrity diet fad that doesn’t have any credibility behind it. The alkaline diet is getting attention because it is backed by science.


So today, we’re going to talk about exactly what that science is and how it affects your body and your life.


As a doctor, I have always made it my mission to discover why some of my patients are so full of energy, healthy, and fit, and why others were tired all the time, sick, and overweight.


There is so much contradictory and confusing information out there about what to eat and what not to eat and it seems to change all the time. Today’s super food is tomorrow’s enemy. What the so-called ‘authorities’ told you to eat last year is the opposite of what they’re saying this year.


Ignoring all the noise, I followed the evidence and the evidence trail led me to ACID.


It didn’t matter what the condition or symptom was:


  • Stubborn weight gain

  • Constant fatigue

  • Skin problems

  • Acid reflux

  • Joint and muscle pain

  • Heart disease

  • Diabetes

  • Tummy trouble

  • Insomnia

  • Brain fog


The common denominator and the smoking gun was ACID.


Let’s take a look at some of the research around how damaging an acidic diet can be:


  • According to a Harvard study, you can live up to 20% longer by eliminating or at least reducing how much red meat you eat. People who ate the highest levels of red meat died the youngest, most often from colon cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

  • The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition published a study finding that modern diets contain much more acidic foods and less bicarbonate alkaline salts than ancient ancestral diets. Numerous other studies have pointed to a lack of sodium bicarbonate in our modern diet as a problem, and supplementing with sodium bicarbonate as a solution for hypertension and the prevention of kidney stones, stroke, and osteoporosis.

  • A study in the Gerontology, Biological Sciences and Medical Sciences journal found that the more acid in the diet, the greater the risk of hip fractures. Countries with diets that include more animal proteins and dairy (i.e. milk) had more hip fractures as well. Here in the US, we consume the largest amount of dairy in the world, yet we have the highest rate of osteoporosis. Can you see the problem here?

  • The highest levels of dietary acid corresponded to the weakest bones and highest incidence of bone loss in a study in the journal Bone. Other studies have found a correlation between healthy bones and a nutrient-rich diet.

  • An American Journal of Physiology study showed a link between consuming high amounts of acid and problems with thyroid function.


Now, let’s look at the overwhelming evidence of the benefits of the alkaline diet:


  • A 2011 review in the Journal of Environmental and Public Health found that the alkaline diet:

    • Benefits bone health

    • Reduces muscle mass loss

    • Mitigates other diseases such as hypertension and stroke

    • Improves cardiovascular health

    • Improves memory and cognition

  • Reducing dietary acid results in added kidney protection, according to an article published in Current Opinion in Nephrology & Hypertension.

  • The National Academy of Science and Cancer Institute advises eating at least 5 to 9 servings of antioxidant-rich vegetables and low-sugar fruits daily (aka Alkaline!). But the average American eats only 1.8 cups.

  • A study in the Metabolic Syndrome and Related Disorders journal found that eating alkaline foods and cutting out acidic foods prevented Type 2 Diabetes from worsening. Similarly, studies have shown that eating more acidic foods increases the risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes.

  • An American Journal of Clinical Nutrition article found that muscle mass was preserved better in older Americans eating an alkaline diet.


Even the water we drink has clear effects on our health:


  • Children who drank water with a lower pH level were 3.7 times more likely to develop Type 1 Diabetes than children who drank alkaline water, according to a study in the Diabetes Care journal.

  • A 2012 study found that alkaline water may reduce acid reflux in patients who regularly suffer from it.

It doesn’t stop with the foods we eat and water we drink. Supplementing with alkaline minerals has been shown to positively affect our health as well:

  • Alkaline mineral supplements may improve function and pain in rheumatoid arthritis patients, according to a study in the Open Nutrition Journal.

  • AlkaMind Daily Greens76 out of 82 patients in a study in the Journal of Trace Elements in Medicine and Biology experienced a reduction of chronic lower back pain as a result of alkaline supplementation.


AlkaMind Daily MineralsIf you’re in need of a great, organic superfood alkaline supplement, we’ve got you covered with our AlkaMind Daily Greens and Daily Minerals.


It’s hard to take in all of those studies – in all, there have been hundreds of studies, reviews, and papers published about the alkaline diet or lack thereof – and not come to the conclusion that eating alkaline is absolutely the way to go.


And for any analytical types out there like myself, it’s always nice to see the research that backs up the decisions that you are making. But research aside, there is NOTHING more powerful than letting your experience speak for itself.


When you start transitioning to the alkaline diet (lifestyle), you are going to feel so good, you’re not going to want to go back!


But remember, it’s about moderation, not deprivation. That’s the way you’re going to succeed at making this your lifestyle, not just a diet fad.


Start swapping out acidic foods for alkaline ones in your day-to-day diet, and if you haven’t gotten your free copy of our Ultimate Alkaline/Acid Food Chart, get yours right now!


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