Aging Too Fast?

Why do some people age slower than others? Is it just lucky genetics? Do you really have a choice in how you age or “you got what you got”? Do you have a friend who has stepped off the rapid aging wheel and wonder what her secret is? 

The short answer is: YES, thanks to epigenetics, you DO have control over the speed of your aging! Epigenetics is the study of how your behaviors and environment can cause changes that affect the way your genes work. How you sleep, eat, manage stress, exercise, and enjoy life all play a massive role in preventing and healing diseases.

Your DNA is NOT your destiny. If one of your parents had dementia, it doesn’t mean you are also forced to follow the same path. You just have to put the effort in.

Today is the day to start using Blue Zone wisdom to guide you to your best health ever! Grab your passports; it’s time to jump a jet!

Have you heard of the “Blue Zones”? They are places around the world with the largest living centenarian population who are daily basking in good health and happiness. Sounds dreamy—and it CAN be your reality!

Ikarians shipped off heart disease and dementia.

The first stop on our Blue Zone world tour is Ikaria, Greece AKA “the island where people forget to die.” People on this gorgeous island, rich in tradition and family values, have sailed dementia and heart disease far, far away. Literally, it hardly exists in Ikaria. Unlike in America, 25% of deaths are due to heart disease, and 33% of older adults suffer from dementia. 

What are their secrets?

  • Mindless movement. Some of the poorest people on this island live the longest because they don’t have cars to sit in and people to do their work. Days are spent growing their own food, walking to their neighbor’s homes for board games, and doing their own yard work. Moral of the story—keep moving and enjoy simple fun with friends!
  • Get off your sugar. Does that phrase sound familiar?! 😉 Only 4% of their diet is sugar, 1% is grains, and hardly anything they eat is processed. Their plates and hearts are full of fresh fruits, legumes, veggies, and fish!
  • Be social—in real life. Ikarians are known for prioritizing quality time with friends and family. Put your phone away and foster real connections with your family, friends, and neighbors. It’s just what the doctor ordered!
  • Live fast(ing) and slow. Their dedication to the Greek Orthodox religious calendar calls for fasting almost half the year. This type of fasting cuts about 30% of calories out of their normal diets and is a proven way to slow the aging process in humans. I totally agree and wrote this helpful blog post on fasting. For Ikarians, these fasting times also call for slowing down, prayer and reflection. Regardless of your thoughts on religion, prayer or meditation, and reflection are all beautiful ways to release stress (the #1 cause of acid) and invite peace and calm into your world. 

The next stop on our world tour is Okinawa, Japan: the home of the world’s longest-living women. It’s time for a girl’s trip! And yes, guys can also join us 🙃!

Okinawans invited immortality

Okinawans have the highest life expectancy on the planet. And their endless years are spent in great health: cancer, heart disease, and dementia rarely visit any Okinawan. It is also common to see a 100-year-old woman squatting while planting her garden and then going on long walks with her friends. In the S.A.D. diet and culture that many Americans embrace, 100-year-old ladies going out for a stroll would be a shocking sight. Let’s change that. 

What are their secrets?

  • More Moai. “Moai” means having a lifelong circle of friends that supports you well into old age. These safety nets lend financial and emotional support and, most importantly, let you know someone is there for you. Moai is stress-shredding security for all parties involved.
  • Invest in your Ikigai (Japanese word for “a reason for being”): Older Okinawans can readily articulate why they get up in the morning. The feeling of being needed and living a life of purpose directly correlates to physical, emotional, and mental well-being. What is your reason for getting going each morning? If you can’t quickly answer, take a long pause to really dive into this question. 
  • Acid and sugar aren’t even words they know. Most Okinawans thrive off a plant-based diet high in nutrition and low in calories. Sugar and acid-producing foods aren’t even on their brains (which is why they live so long!). Two of the main superfood veggies that are common in most meals are sweet potatoes and goya. Both are powerful protectors against cancer and cognitive decline. They also optimize your immune system and lower your blood sugar.
  • Shine like the sun. Even the oldest Okinawans' test results showed OPTIMAL vitamin D levels year-round. Spending time outdoors, letting the fresh air and sunshine hug your whole body, gives you stronger bones and healthier bodies. Over in America, a whopping 75-90% of Americans are vitamin D deficient! No wonder we have so many health problems! This is such a problematic issue that I have written several blogs on exactly how to optimize your vitamin D level. Here’s a great one to read now.
  • Garden your pharmacy. Mugwort, ginger, and turmeric are staples, and all have proven medicinal qualities protecting them against illnesses.

No matter where in the world you live, or what your chronological age states, you can live a Blue Zone centenarian lifestyle. Stay tuned for our next trips to Nicoya, Costa Rica, and Loma Linda, California! 

A bonus secret! Acid-Kicking D3+K2 is ancient wisdom and modern supplementing in a bottle shipped to your door! Vitamin D makes it possible to absorb calcium. Vitamin K drives calcium to the bones, where it belongs.

Together, they work synergistically to optimize bone strength. Supplementing with this powerful team boosts the immune system, reduces the risk of heart disease, and keeps calcium from settling in joints, kidneys, and the heart…which all drastically slows down the aging process!

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