How to Keep Your Skin Blemish Free & Glowing and Your Hair Shiny & Healthy

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If you’ve ever struggled with acne, rosacea or skin redness, hair loss, unwanted hair growth, or even just the effects of aging on skin and hair, you know that the conventional treatments out there just don’t work.

You can slather on all of the chemical treatments you want, but stubborn skin and hair problems just won’t go away.

Why?  Because you never got down to the root cause, the toxicities and deficiencies that were causing all of these issues in the first place!

Fortunately, there is a better way, and that’s to treat your skin, nails, and hair from the inside out.

All of those health and beauty issues have one common denominator…ACID!

What I love about eating the alkaline way is that the same foods that are perfect for nourishing your body on the inside also make your body look great on the outside.

So let’s walk through the best and worst foods and best supplements for your hair and skin, so you can have the naturally glossy, beautiful hair and glowing, blemish free skin you want.

The 6 Worst Foods for Your Skin

  1. Sugar – Simply put, acne and other skin problems feed on sugar. Unless you nearly eliminate sugar (only keeping natural fruit sugars in combination with alkaline ingredients), you’ll continue to have redness and inflammation in your skin.
  1. Milk and other dairy products – Dairy clogs up your digestive system, and if you’re wondering what that has to do with your skin… well, everything. If your digestive system isn’t properly clearing out toxins and hormonal build up, it stays put or even recirculates in your body. Acne and other skin issues are one of the first ways you’ll notice a backed up gut.
  1. Gluten – Gluten is one of the most acidic foods on the planet, and I have news for you – EVERYONE is sensitive to it, some just develop more symptoms than others!

In fact, just break apart its name and you can see how bad it is –


Gluten can account for 33% of the total net acid load in you body, enough to weight the scale to either side, alkaline or acidic, depending on whether you eat or abstain.

Just like dairy, gluten contains a protein called Zonulin that contributes to leaky gut syndrome and backs up the digestive system in most people, all of which lead to all types of skin issues.

  1. Coffee – Along with other caffeinated beverages (with coffee being the worst), this acidic drink robs your body of B vitamins, magnesium, and zinc, which are essential to your skin’s immune response.
  1. Peanuts – I’ve talked before about how peanuts are carriers for mold called aflatoxin (which are carcinogenics), and that causes an allergic reaction for many of us (not just those with severe peanut allergies) in our skin through inflammation.

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  1. Junk Foods – Anything processed with gluten, sugar, dairy, and/or trans-fats, which is just about all junk and fast foods, will have an adverse effect on your skin by stimulating oil production, clogging pores, and aging skin.
The 5 Best Foods For Your Hair and Skin
  1. Healthy fats – Flax, chia, and hemp seeds, avocado, salmon (Alaskan only), and coconut all contain essential fatty acids that result in more hydrated skin and shinier hair, as well as less redness and irritation.
  1. Almonds – Packed with Vitamin E, a natural sun blocker and antioxidant, almonds are your skin’s best friends.
  1. Dark, leafy greens – Getting your greens each and every day keeps your digestive system running like the machine it should be, cleaning out toxins and hormones that will otherwise build up on your scalp and skin.
  1. Carrots – Although they are thought of as benefiting the eyes, carrots are loaded with vitamin C, which boosts collagen production, slowing the signs of aging, and vitamin A, which prevents extra cell growth on the outer layer of skin.
  1. Pumpkin seeds – Pepitas or pumpkin seeds are a great source of zinc, which prevents scalp and skin dryness.

The 3 Best Supplements For You Hair and Skin


    1. Omega 3 Fatty Acids – Taking an Omega supplement is essential for your health in so many ways, but one area it will have immediate effects on is your skin and hair. Be sure it is DHA from Fish Oil, as this is 98% more usable form compared to that of a plant-based Omega 3-6-9.
    1. Probiotics – Supporting a healthy gut will help your body deal with inflammation and sweep clean the toxins that are coming out in dull hair and problem skin.

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    1. AlkaMind Daily Minerals  -- the combination of magnesium and calcium, along with potassium, and sodium bicarbonate, will reduce skin inflammation.

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