The 5 Warning Signs That Could Mean Cancer in Your Body

stomachI hope this article is a wake up call for anyone who’s ever dealt with:
  • Heartburn
  • Difficulty digesting certain foods
  • Acid reflux
  • Inflammation in the digestive track
  • Food sensitivities
  • Ulcers


These are all very common symptoms of the same problem, and that problem leads to a very scary place that I don’t want any of you to have to face.


In fact, they aren’t just symptoms of the same problem – they’re stages your body goes through as it cries out for help, desparately trying to avoid the most serious stage of the same root cause: cancer.


I gave a health talk this past weekend at the Dream Hotel, and I was talking about the harsh realities surrounding cancer.


It is a statistical fact that 1 in 2 males will develop cancer in their lifetime, and 1 in 3 females – that’s 40% who will develop cancer overall! We all know someone who has been affected by this deadly disease.


This year, 1.6 million new cancer diagnoses will happen, and almost 600 thousand Americans will die from it. The good news is, just because you or a loved one develops cancer, it doesn’t have to be a death sentence.


Remember this – there is no such thing as incurable diseases, ONLY incurable people.


Especially when you find cancer in the digestive system, which is the result of the same problem as all of the health issues listed above that might seem minor.


But by the time they’ve turned into cancer, it’s gone from seeming like a minor annoyance to being a fight for your life.


So what is this common problem that can cause all of these ailments including cancer?


If you guessed ACID, you’re exactly right.


Let’s walk through each of the 5 stages, what causes them, and what the symptoms are so you can avoid all of them.


  1. You feel tired and sluggish.


If you feel sluggish on the outside, you should see what’s going on inside!





Before you start having any big symptoms, the digestive track backs up with acids from foods and drinks that are acid-forming and toxins in the environment, as well as stress and lack of aerobic exercise that helps get everything moving.


Constipation is a big sign this is happening in your digestive track. If all the bad stuff can’t get eliminated, it damages the lining of the intestines and stomach, and toxins actually seep back into your blood and your body.


Read more about Leaky Gut Syndrome here.


At the same time, your body’s ability to absorb nutrients from all of the alkaline foods you’re eating decreases, so you’ve got less good stuff and more bad stuff building up.


Remember, you’re NOT what you eat, you’re what you ABSORB and ASSIMILATE!


If you are toxic, you MUST clean out your body, especially your digestive tract. A great way to jump start this is with a 7-Day Alkaline Cleanse.


  1. Food sensitivities start to develop.


This might be the first sign you really start to notice, because foods you once loved don’t feel so good when you eat them anymore. Foods that often are initial triggers include:
  • wheat or gluten
  • dairy products
  • sugar
  • caffeine
  • carbonated drinks
  • alcohol
  • fried foods
  • heavy, fatty foods


On the other hand, it’s also possible NOT to notice these symptoms, which is what happens when people have trouble digesting so many of the foods that they eat, they’re having a bad reaction meal after meal, all day, every day. When that happens, patients I see have moved right along to the next stage without even realizing it.


  1. Inflammation occurs in the gut and other parts of the body.


tractAt this point, there’s a bad cycle happening throughout the digestive track.


  • Acidic foods and drinks are consumed, causing digestion to back up.
  • Acids and toxins are seeping out of the digestive track into you blood and other parts of the body that aren’t equipped to fight them off, so they build up in your connective tissues (muscles, joints, organs).
  • Foods you’re sensitive to are consumed, causing inflammation throughout the gut.
  • The inflammation causes more back up in the digestive process.
  • More acids and toxins build up, both in the digestive track and elsewhere in the body.


It’s hard to ignore the symptoms of inflammation in this stage because they can be quite painful and uncomfortable. I often see patients who come to me at this point, desparate for a solution.


Their acid reflux or swollen, painful intestines are the first symptoms they have noticed from this problem. They are getting aches and pains and cricks and strains in their muscles and joints.


It’s this stage that makes exercise so important because the toxins and acids that are building up throughout the body need to get flushed out somehow, and lymphatic movement is the only option. It is the most important system that takes the toxins and acids from your tissues back to the blood, then shuttled out of your body.


Try my favorite acid crushing exercise, the rebounder, or mini trampoline. NASA did a study and showed that the rebounder is 68% more effective as a cardiovascular exercise and for weight loss compared to running without the harsh effects on your joints.


Other forms of lymphatic drainage are the dry skin brush, the Chi machine, whole body vibration, and lymphatic massage.



  1. Ulcers develop.


ulcerThis is where things start to get scary. Ulcers might not seem like a big deal. After all, they are common, right?


And most medical doctors still point to stress, eating trigger foods like caffeine and citrus, and use of anti-inflammatory medications like Advil and Tylenol as the big culprits.


But the truth is much more complicated than that, and unfortunately, much more concerning.


What starts to happen is that tissues respond in two different ways to all of the acid they’re regularly exposed to. Some types of tissues harden, becoming leather-like. If you’ve ever heard of hardening of the arteries, this is what’s causing that.


Other types of tissue form ulcerations because they aren’t protected by the delicate microbiome that’s been destroyed after all of the damage we’ve walked through already, so ulcers crop up in the stomach, cirrhosis of the liver can occur, or other digestive organs like the duodenum or esophagus experience lesions or ulcers.


If you are having reflux, that is a sign that acid is regurguitaing back into the esophogus where it doesn’t belong, the #1 cause of esophogeal cancers. If you’re having ANY reflux, it’s so important to start on the Alkamind Daily Minerals. These crucial mineral salts neutralize the acids and prevent them from causing any damages to these areas of your body.


So when ulcers occur, they are not the only problem. It’s a symptom of a much larger problem that’s been going on for some time.


Symptoms of ulcers include:


    • Pain or burning in the abdomen, especially after eating
    • Nausea or vomiting, possibly with blood in the vomit
    • Dark stools (indicating digested blood from the upper digestive tract)
    • Loss of appetite
    • Unexplained weight loss


    If not treated wholistically (aka. just treating the symptoms of ulcers won’t address the real problem), the damage continues, leading to step 5.


    1. Organs and tissues degenerate.


    If tissue degenerates enough and in certain ways on a cellular level, cancer forms.


    Along the digestive track, it usually develops in the form of esophogeal cancer, stomach cancer, pancreatic cancer, liver cancer, or colon cancer. But because acid and toxins are building up around the body, various types of cancer can be traced back to the same root causes – inflammation and acid.


    So what can you do to prevent this scary but all too common process?




    • Eat a diet rich in alkaline foods to make up 80% of what you eat and drink.


    • Get exercise regularly that’s going to help the lymphatic system to do it’s job.
    • Increase your body’s ability to clear the back up in your digestive track by taking Alkamind Daily Greens.
    • Take a probiotic supplement to restore the delicate microbiome balance along your digestive track.
    • Eliminate highly acidic foods that trigger symptoms, like gluten, dairy, and sugar.


    daily-mineralsMost important, as I mentioned earleir, you need to neutralize the acids
    that are causing the acids in the first place, and you do this by taking a mineral supplement like AlkaMind Daily Minerals. It will ensure you’re getting enough calcium, magnesium, potassium, and sodium bicarbonate to neutralize any acid that has built up in your system.

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