Why Your Headaches Could Be a Sign of Too Much Acid


You want to know one of my biggest pet peeves?

Maybe it’s not so much a pet peeve as it is a big problem in our society today.

Patients come into my office, or I talk to people around the country, or I even hear friends and family say things along the lines of…

“Well, sure I get headaches. Doesn’t everybody?”

“I don’t have any major health problems, just the normal complaints like headaches and stomach aches that everyone gets from time to time.”

“Minor ailments like headaches and joint pain happen every week or so, but they aren’t a problem for me.”

Here’s I want you to know… There is no such thing as a normal headache.

No symptoms are normal. The only thing that is normal is to feel energetic, healthy, and full of vitality!

Any symptoms that you experience are warning signs from your body that something is going on that you should pay attention to.

You wouldn’t say, “Well, I bleed a little bit.” You know that’s not okay. And yet, patients say to me, “I get normal headaches.” Or even worse, “I get headaches a couple of times a week.”

Symptoms like headaches are common, really common, because most people are toxic and consuming acid in huge amounts, but that doesn’t mean they’re normal.

So today I’ve got the low down on how to get rid of headaches for good, and keep in mind, this information applies to both migraines and more typical “everyday” headaches.

Why Do You Get Headaches?

Reactions to acidic food and other forms of acid are usually to blame for recurrent headaches and even migraines.

Even if you just get the occasional headache, if you take a look at the acid-forming foods you’ve been eating, you’ll probably see a link. That’s why I recommend tracking your food and symptoms anytime you’re wondering why you’re having a health complaint.

Common culprits:

  • Sugar is one of the top headache-inducing foods
  • Food additives and chemicals like artificial sweeteners, MSG, and GMO foods
  • VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) in your home furniture, mattresses, cleaning products, flame retardants, and dry-cleaned clothes
  • Nutrient deficiency – not getting enough magnesium or Omega-3 fatty acids
  • Alcohol – red wine is the worst offender because of its tannins
  • Dehydration from lack of pure, alkaline water. Remember, you can be drinking coffee, soda, and tea all day long and still be dehydrated because all of those acidic beverages aren’t supplying your body with what it really needs
  • Gluten or dairy sensitivity, which is often related to Leaky Gut Syndrome
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Medications, which often have a side effect of headaches

How to Stop Headaches Completely

The good news if you suffer from headaches regularly is that you CAN get rid of them completely.

Follow these steps to cure your headaches easily…

  1. First, try eliminating sugar completely and see if they go away. Give it at least 2 weeks of absolutely no sugar and see how you’re feeling and if your headaches go away or start to decrease. However, if you have been consuming large amounts, there will be a few days of withdrawal, so be sure to hydrate well, drink your Alkamind Daily Minerals a couple times per day, and eat loads of healthy essential fats and oils.

By the way, natural sugar is included in this, so for at least a couple of weeks, eliminate fruit that’s high in sugar as well (all fruits except lemons, limes, avocados, and tomatoes). You might be able to add other fruit back into your diet over time, but until you get rid of the headaches, stick to eating no sugar.

  1. Gluten and dairy are the other big food culprits behind frequent headaches. So if you’ve tried 2 weeks off sugar and you’re still having frequent headaches, try 2 weeks off gluten and dairy. If that helps, you can try adding one and then the other back to see which one (if not both) is causing the problem.
  1. Low impact exercise on a regular basis is like taking headache medicine before the headache even begins because it triggers the release of headache-halting neurotransmitters.

High-impact workouts can actually make headaches worse, so you’re better off choosing a low impact routine like rebounding, walking, yoga, or pilates.

It’s no coincidence that the workouts that are good for headaches are acid fighters, and the workouts that make headaches worse are acid-builders!

  1. Enjoy essential oils anytime a headache strikes. Peppermint, basil, and rosemary all have headache-reducing properties. You can rub them directly on your temples or infuse them in the air.
  1. Get hydrated – Try to stay hydrated all day, every day, but at the first sign of a headache, drink a full glass of pure, filtered water.

People think their favorite pain relievers are getting rid of their headaches, when actually the water they drink to swallow the pills is often what does the trick!

  1. Take a good Omega-3 supplement every day to prevent a deficiency in this healthy essential fatty acid, which has been clinically shown to reduce migraines in particular. And at the same time, you MUST decrease the unhealthy inflammatory fats in the form of Omega-6 Fatty Acids (soybean oil, safflower oil, corn oil, sunflower oil etc).
  1. Load up on minerals, especially magnesium. One study found that taking enough magnesium decreased headaches in frequent sufferers by 41%!
So add in Alkamind Daily Minerals every night to ensure you’re getting enough magnesium, as well as a balance of calcium, potassium, and sodium bicarbonate.

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