Acid-Kicking Black Seed Oil

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Acid-Kicking Black Seed Oil
Acid-Kicking Black Seed Oil
Acid-Kicking Black Seed Oil

Turmeric has been dethroned! 3X more anti-inflammatory than turmeric, and every other black cumin seed oil.

Black Seed Oil
The Super Powerful All-Natural Anti-Inflammatory 
Cold-Pressed & Unrefined


Turmeric has been dethroned! 3X more anti-inflammatory than turmeric, and every other black cumin seed oil.

We searched all over the world to bring you the most potent black cumin seed oil. Ancient Egyptian Kings, Queens, and Pharaohs relied on this powerful super-seed for optimal health and wellness.
  • 3x More Anti-Inflammatory Than Turmeric
  • 3x More Potent Than Other Black Cumin Seed Oils (3% Thymoquinone)
  • 1,000x More Active Antioxidant Than Vitamin E, Echinacea, and Elderberry

Top 5 Daily Benefits

Legendary Beauty Secret
Fights acne, balances hormones, strengthens hair & nails,
and moisturizes skin with vitamins A, B & C, potassium, magnesium, and zinc.

Healthy Heart
Rich in fatty acids, phytosterols, and antioxidants to strengthen heart, lower blood pressure, and regulate cholesterol.

Blood Sugar Benefits
Increases beta cell production which keeps blood sugar numbers in check, manages insulin release and insulin sensitivity.

Slim Down
Suppresses appetite and reduces the amount of fat the body stores, moving you into a fat-burning state.

Boost Your Body’s Defenses
Increases white blood cell production to help fight off diseases and illnesses.

Super-Powerful Ingredients

ThymoQuinn Black Cumin Seed (Nigella Sativa) - Black Cumin Seed Oil is made from the seeds of the black cumin plant, native to southwestern Asia, the Mediterranean, Africa, and the Middle East.

This super-seed contains a number of active ingredients, including a powerful compound called Thymoquinone, which reduces inflammation, enhances the immune system, and protects against cancer.

Chlorophyll - It is a powerful blood cleanser that protects and detoxifies healthy cells.

It reduces inflammation, promotes healthy weight loss, fights candida, and protects against cancer.

Supplement Facts/ Use

SUGGESTED USE: Take 1 Capsule Daily With Food. 

Best taken with Daily Omega-3 Fish Oil, as the two enhance each other's effect.

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From Shannon Elizabeth

"I was just in NY & got to see @drdarylgioffre, my favorite health & wellness doctor. He’s helping me learn about any vitamin deficiencies or inflammation I might have, among other things. He can test your blood and you review it live under a microscope, or he’s even starting to do hair testing! So to get ready for bed last night I grabbed my Daily Cumin 3X for inflammation & my Daily Minerals, all from @getoffyouracid. Now in the morning I start out with his Daily Greens in my smoothie along with lots of other good stuff & away I go! #getoffyouracid"


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