7 Day Cleanse - Summer - Details




Please note that all of the calls and resources are only available to those who have registered for the program. Please respect the time and energy I have put into this program, and do not share resources with people outside of the program.

1. Join Your Private Forum

    Click here to request to join the Private Facebook Group.
    (Note: You must have a Facebook account to join.)

    Right now, please share with us what you are most excited for in the program, and one of your top reasons for deciding to join the program!

    You can use this forum throughout the program to ask me questions, celebrate successes, and connect with others in the group.

    Your AlkaMind Daily Greens and Minerals will be shipped immediately and you should have those within a few days.

    2. Live Calls

      Here's your call-in info for all calls:

      Dial in number:
      (712) 775-7031
      Meeting ID:495-503-420

      Please note that the day before each call, you'll receive a reminder with dial-in instructions.

      For now, simply add these dates into your calendar:

      Pre-Cleanse Kick-Off Call and Q&A:

      Thursday, July 16th at 7pm Eastern
      Click here to listen to the recording.

      Post-Cleanse Transition Call and Q&A:

      Monday, July 27th at 7pm Eastern
      Click here to listen to the recording.

      I suggest that you do everything that you can to make the calls live. You'll get 250% more out of the program! ;-)

      However, if you can't, please know that every call will be recorded, and the recordings available a few hours after the live class, so you can listen soon after and stay on track with us, as well as listen again.

      3. Your Cleanse Materials

      I highly recommend you print these up before you begin and place in a binder. You will want to have these guides handy to refer to during and after the cleanse.

      Cleanse Guidebook

      QuickStart Guidebook (shortened version)

      Recipes and Meal Plan

      Cleanse Daily Protocol

      Cleanse Workbook

      Toxin Reduction Tips and Tools

      Kitchen Food Preparation and Cooking Tips

      4. Your Cleanse Bonuses

      Ultimate Alkaline/Acid Food Chart

      How to Use Alkamind Daily Greens & Minerals

      How to Correctly Test Your Ph Cheat Sheet

      Dr. Daryl's Top 10 Favorite Alkaline Raw Recipes

      Precleanse Kickoff (Spring 2015)

      Post Cleanse Call (Spring 2015)

      In the meantime, if you have any questions, please feel free to post in the Facebook group.


      Dr. Daryl