Get Off Your Acid 2-Day Detox Details


Please note that all of the resources are only available to those who have registered for the program. Please respect the time and energy I have put into this program, and do not share resources with people outside of the program.

Before you get started, I recommend you do the following:

1. Listen to the Before You Get Started Audio

    Before you dive in, there are some things you should know about what to expect, how to be successful and how to transition after the 2 days are over.

    Click here to listen to the Before You Get Started Audio

    1. Join Your Private Forum

      Click here to request to join the Private Facebook Group.
      (Note: You must have a Facebook account to join.)

      Join others participating in the 7-day cleanse and 2-day detox with feedback and on-going guidance from Dr. Daryl.

      Ask questions, discuss challenges, or just share your favorite recipe pictures with those living the AlkaMind lifestyle. 

      This group allows you to get the best possible results from your detox.

      3. Print Your Detox Materials

      I highly recommend you print these out before you begin and place in a binder. You will want to have these guides handy to refer to during the detox.

      Welcome Guide (start here)

      Recipes and Daily Guide

      Detox Shopping Guide

      Detox Daily Protocol

      4. Print Your Detox Bonuses


      Our Toxic World - How to Detoxify Your Home (Part 4)  COMING SOON

      5. Listen to Your Detox Bonus Audios

      Audio: Academy Call Toxins in Your Food Labels and Home/Personal Care Products
      Audio: Academy Call How to Detoxify Your Body and Your Home


      In the meantime, if you have any questions, please feel free to post in the Facebook group.


      Dr. Daryl