Ultimate Alkaline/ Acid Pocket Food Guide

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Ultimate Alkaline/ Acid Pocket Food Guide


1. Ultimate ALKALINE Food Chart - by category
2. Ultimate ACID Food Chart - by category
3. Complete A-Z Chart

Health Benefits

When transitioning to an alkaline diet, it is so important to know which foods and beverages are alkaline and which are acidic so that you can make the right choices in regards to what you should (and shouldn't) put into your body.

The problem is that most charts that you will find are WRONG. So many charts out there have foods that are actually ACIDIC listed on the alkaline side - no better way to mess up all of your hard work! Let me explain.. When considering whether a food is alkaline or acidic, there are two major elements you need to look at in that food...the SUGAR content, and the MINERAL content.

Alkaline foods are high in minerals but LOW in sugar...

Nutrition & Ingredients

Why is the sugar component so important to consider?

Because SUGAR = ACID!

And this is where so many of the food charts that you will find go wrong.

These charts are using the PRAL method (Potential Renal Acid Load) which takes an 'ash' of a food to measure whether it's alkaline or acidic. Here's the problem with this method.

When they heat up the food to take the 'ash' reading, they are getting a good count of all the minerals in the food, BUT the high heat burns off all the sugar, completely disregarding that component!

This why, for example, on most charts bananas will be listed as alkaline when in fact they are ACIDIC (they contain 25% sugar).

We have taken the readings of the foods BEFORE the sugar gets burned off, resulting in the most accurate and comprehensive chart you will find.

And to make it as convenient as possible to incorporate into your lifestyle, we shrunk it down to a convenient, 4.75" x 4.75" pocket-sized food guide, small enough to travel with you to the grocery store, to work, or to a night out on the town with friends.

How to Use

With 550 foods and 3 different food guides, this IS the most comprehensive, accurate, and convenient quick reference food guide you will find anywhere. Included is the following:

Use this food guide to...GET OFF YOUR ACID!

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