Bloated? Here’s the 7-Step Cure



Summer is almost here! The weather feels more like summer everyday. 

And yet, summer is the worst time of year to feel bloated, as you try to fit into swimsuits and slimmer, more revealing clothes that feel good in the heat. 

But with that said, summer is also a time when we often eat in a way that leads directly to more bloating, whether it’s vacation foods, backyard BBQs, or frozen summer sweet treats.

So what we need right about now is a plan to keep from feeling bloated. And if you’re already feeling the bloat, the tips below will take care of that too. 

But first, what is bloating?

You might think you know, but you’d be surprised!

A lot of people assume that bloating is water retention – excess fluids due to hormonal fluctuations or eating a lot of salt. For example, if you binge on tortilla chips one day, you’ll be bloated the next from all of that salt.

But that’s not REALLY what’s going on. Bloating is an excess of fluids, but it’s a particular kind of fluids, and it’s NOT water. To put it simply: it’s fecal material. And the gas that goes along with it.

Around a quarter to a third of Americans report that they experience bloating sometimes, so this is really common. But that doesn’t mean it’s okay. 

What happens is that when you eat certain acidic foods, the digestive system slows down and backs up. Constipation and gas follow, and that leads to a bloated feeling.

You may not know you’re constipated because you’ve been living that way for so long, but if you’re feeling bloated, you definitely are.

And you need to take steps to get things moving, which is what we’ll talk about in this 7-step cure.

Bloating, gas, and constipation are not just nuisances. They prevent your body from its natural detoxification processes and can lead to weight gain or make it harder to lose weight. If it gets bad enough, it can contribute to Leaky Gut Syndrome, so take action at the first sign of bloating or (better yet) before it happens.


The 7-Step Cure for Feeling Bloated

Step 1: Rehydrate With Alkaline Water

This might seem counterintuitive, because most people think when they are bloated, they are carrying around excess water. But as we discussed already, that’s not the case. In fact, the opposite is likely true.

Bloating is a sign of dehydration.

The first thing to do if you’re feeling bloated is to drink a tall glass of alkaline water with a squeeze of lemon or lime. Aim to stay better hydrated all the time, which will improve bloating if you’re feeling it regularly.

Remember: STILL water, not sparkling! The carbon dioxide gas in sparkling water and seltzer will increase the gas in the gut, making you feel MORE bloated.


Step 2: Cut Out Gluten and Dairy Foods 

Now as you know, I’m a big believer in moderation, not deprivation! So I normally don’t tell you to completely cut out whole categories of food.

But often, making this one simple shift in the way you’re eating will make a world of difference if you find you are commonly bloated.

Both dairy products and foods with gluten like bread, pasta, crackers, or baked goods clog up the digestive track, leaving your stomach gassy and bloated. And if you’re sensitive to either of them – both being foods that many people have intolerances or allergies to – you’re likely to feel bloated for days at a time after consuming them.

Try removing gluten and dairy from your diet and see how you feel after about a week. Remember, the bloated feeling might not happen right away, so you’ve got to give everything you try a few days if not a full week to find out if it’s working.


Step 3: Eat More Fruits and Veggies

If you’ve cut out dairy and gluten foods, what are you going to eat instead?

Delicious smoothies, salads made with romaine, spinach, and kale, and other fruits and vegetables that help stop bloating.

There are a few veggies that are particularly good at curing bloating because they are full of fiber and they hydrate you. So you especially want to eat:

  • Cucumber
  • Celery
  • Avocado
  • Coconut meat, water, and milk
  • Fennel


Step 4: Drink Tea

While you should be focusing on water and avoiding beverages that cause bloating like carbonated water, soda, and alcohol, tea has the effect of relieving stomach inflammation and releasing extra fluid the body is holding onto. Ginger root tea is particularly effective, but any herbal tea is helpful.

My Detox Tea Recipe is a powerhouse anti-inflammatory, toxin-fighting, alkalizing warm beverage that will help with bloating too.


Step 5: Reduce Sugar

Both sugar and artificial sweeteners are highly acidic and will increase bloating. Sugar contributes to a bacteria imbalance in the gut, while artificial sweeteners are hard or impossible for most of us to digest. So try to cut out or at least reduce foods with added sugars, no-calorie sweeteners (the most acidic ingredient on the planet) and high-fructose corn syrup.


Step 6: Do a Chia Shot

One of the tips I share with my 2-Day Detox participants is that you can combine 1 cup of filtered water with 2 tbsp. of chia seeds to create a chia gel that will reduce constipation and bloating. Wisk it together and leave it in the refrigerator, eating about one tbsp. at a time either alone or in a smoothie.

You can also enjoy these chia recipes that will give you a sweet treat that reduces bloating:


Step 7: Drink Aloe Vera Juice

Have you ever tried drinking aloe vera juice? It helps with all kinds of digestive complaints, not just bloating.

This is the last step to try once you’ve done the 6 steps above, so your bloating will probably be long gone before you get to this step. Make sure you buy decolorized, purified aloe vera juice meant for human consumption and then store it in the refrigerator.

Bonus bloating prevention!  

Did you know that one of the top things we hear from fans of our Acid-Kicking Daily Greens is that they experience less bloating?!

It’s no wonder why, because starting your day with 5 whole servings of raw super foods in less than 30 seconds is sure to keep constipation at bay.

What’s awesome about Acid-Kicking Daily Greens is that the wheatgrass is broken down into a powder in a way that it’s practically predigested for you – with little to no degradation whatsoever. 

So unlike other brands, you’re going to absorb more of the wheatgrass and 20 other powerhouse ingredients. Like all of our supplements, you can TAKE LESS and GET MORE from it.


Dr. Daryl

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