Superfood Ingredients

Lion's ManeA POWERHOUSE mushroom that stimulates brain cell growth and protects against memory loss.

Alpha-GPCA natural choline compound found in the brain that INCREASES cognitive function and enhances learning and memory.

L-Theanine An important amino acid that BOOSTS focus and improves executive functioning.

MCT OilCRUSHES fat, increases energy and metabolism and optimizes brain health.

Coconut OilBALANCES blood sugar and supports hormone balance.

Pure Himalayan Pink SaltStrengthens hair skin and nails.

Magnesium CitrateReduces inflammation, faster workout recovery

Calcium CitrateHealthy bones, reduces acidity and balances pH

Sodium BicarbonateCrushes acid reflux, lowers blood pressure

Potassium CitrateOptimizes brain, nerve, heart & muscle function

DigeSEB (Certified Vegan Enzyme)Effectively breaks down and BURNS body fat quickly.

Organic Stevia Leaf ExtractBalances blood sugar, unprocessed healthy sweetener with 0% glycemic index


SilicaStrengthens connective tissue & collagen, nourishes skin & nails