Wheat Grass Whole Leaf A Chlorophyll rich superfood, which neutralize toxins in the body and alkalizes the system.

Parsley An anti-inflammatory superhero that has been known to boost immunity, fight cancer and boost bone health.

Barley Grass Whole Leaf Doubles the speed that your DNA can repair itself and supplies superb fiber to the body to aid in digestion and relieve constipation.

Oat Grass Whole Leaf This super grass helps you to feel fuller for longer.

Spinach A power-packed superfood that improves eyesight, strengthens muscles, and boosts metabolism

Barley Grass Juice Super potent with 7x more vitamin C than oranges, 5x more iron than spinach, and 10x more calcium than milk.

Broccoli Hypes your collagen, improves circulation and protects from free radicals.

Alfalfa Leaf Juice A mineral powerhouse that alkalizes the body and purifies the liver.

Wheat Grass Juice Imagine Wheat Grass, just to the MAX.

Kale A KICK-ACID blood detoxifier high in fiber and antioxidants.

Lemon Juice SUPER antioxidant that repairs tissue and aids in the absorption of iron.

Moringa Leaf An African "Miracle Tree" plant that optimizes brain function, protects liver, and reduces oxidative stress.

Cilantro CRUSHES toxic heavy metals and improves stress and sleep.

Cabbage A digestive health SUPERHERO that aids in digestive health and improvement of cholesterol levels.

Dandelion Leaf A SUPER immune strengthener that allows your liver to quickly eliminate toxins.

Celery Seed POTENT all-natural antibiotic known to reduce inflammation, bloating, and fight infections.

Turmeric All-Natural Painkiller and cox-2 inhibitor, that aids in metabolism and weight management.

Flaxseed Sprout A Cancer FIGHTER that is 30x more nutritious than the seed itself.

Alfalfa Sprout Minimizes menopause symptoms and lowers blood glucose levels.

Sesame Seed Sprout DETOXIFIES the body and has the ability to prevent diabetes.

Broccoli Sprout FIGHTS certain cancers and infections, and combats cardiovascular disease.