What are Minerals and why do we need them daily?

Along with protein, carbohydrates, fats and vitamins, your body needs a variety of minerals to work properly. While you may be able to get by with not consuming the full amount of required minerals every single day, you need a steady supply in your diet for good health. Minerals serve many purposes in your cells and tissues, and a lack of one of them can lead to symptoms related to deficiency. Consuming a well-balanced diet and daily mineral supplements can help prevent both mild and serious health consequences that result from a lack in your diet.

What are the 4 most important minerals to neutralize acid in your body?

Sodium Bicarbonate, Potassium Bicarbonate, Magnesium Glycinate, and Calcium Citrate.

Why did we choose these 4 minerals?

Alkamind Daily Minerals is Doctor formulated, using the four most crucial, fast-absorbing minerals to neutralize acid in your body.

Sodium Bicarbonate supercharges your mental & physical strength and stamina by raising your alkaline levels and neutralizing the acid in your blood and body.

Potassium Bicarbonate promotes faster recovery from exercise by raising your alkaline levels and neutralizing the increased acid in your circulatory, lymphatic, and digestive system.

Acid drains our bodies of Magnesium, which interrupts our enzyme function causing muscle cramps, spasm, and muscle pain. Magnesium Glycinate is the MOST absorbable form of magnesium. It enhances your mental and physical endurance by raising your alkaline levels and neutralizing the acid in your system that drains your body of essential minerals.

Worst of all, it has been estimated that a modern acid diet robs our skeleton of almost half its calcium over 20 years. Calcium Citrate is the most absorbable form of calcium. It helps your body maintain healthy bone density by raising your alkaline levels and neutralizing the acid that depletes your body of calcium.

How often should I take Alkamind Daily Minerals, and can I ever get too much calcium?

1-3 times daily. This does not put you at risk of getting too much Calcium. Recommended daily allowances are between 1000-1500 mg per day, you are not exceeding this with our supplement alone (3 servings of Alkamind Daily Minerals gives 144 mg of Calcium).

What is the shelf life of this product?

This product has a 2 year shelf life using the purest, fastest absorbing, and most bioavailable minerals with NO artificial flavors, sweeteners, or preservatives.

How does it taste?

Most mineral supplements taste like a glass of ocean water. To improve taste, we added a high-mineral dehydrated organic lemon juice powder that tastes great (a light, refreshing lemon flavor) and increases your body’s alkalinity.

What are some of the benefits of Alkamind Daily Minerals?

Alkamind Daily Minerals buffers of acids and toxins, replenishes your body’s mineral supplies, reduces muscle fatigue, pain & spasm, improves endurance, and fights aging.

Can I use this with prescription medications?

Yes, but with any medication, we recommend consulting a health care professional before using this product.