Dr. Daryl’s Top 10 Lifestyle Tips to GET OFF YOUR ACID!

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If you want to successfully SUSTAIN your alkaline lifestyle, the best way you can do that is to make it enjoyable, delicious, and easy.


Even if you just incorporate just a few of these 10 tips, if you do those on a regular and consistent basis, you will see a massive improvement in your health, energy and vitality. And once you are feeling good, you’re not going to want to go back to your old ways.


I see that again and again with people who make the change from the SAD diet, or Standard American Diet, to the alkaline diet. And it all starts with making a few small changes, one at a time.


Think PROGRESS, not perfection, and eventually the good will outweigh the bad.


So let’s get started.


1. Make Small Changes


When making any lifestyle change, my philosophy is always moderation, NOT deprivation!


How many of us know a person (or have been THAT person) who shot for a huge goal like finally getting in shape or eating healthier to only slip back into old habits within a month or two?


A perfect example of this is New Year’s resolutions. How did your 2015 resolutions work out for you? You know what I mean!


This is why I don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions.


Now, there’s nothing wrong with making a New Year’s resolution, BUT why not make a resolution NOW to yourself, in this very moment, to change whatever it is that you need to change?


Remember, change is EASY. Thinking about change is hard.


To avoid going back to your old ways, start by implementing one small change at a time. Maybe you can start with one or two of these tips, then once those become natural habits, consider adding on a few more. BUT NOT UNTIL you have mastered the first ones and they are habit and part of your everyday life.


By ADDING and not taking away, like the mentioned earlier, eventually the good will outweigh the bad, and this is how whatever change you want will ultimately sustain itself.


2. Start a Vegetable Garden or Make Routine Trips to the Farmer’s Market


As vegetables and fruits sit out waiting to be added to the stock at your local grocery store, the nutrition gradually degrades over time.


By going straight to the source of where the greens are grown, you are getting food with more nutritional value than what you can get at a grocery store.


During growing season, get even fresher vegetables by having your own organic vegetable garden.


Research shows that the vegetables in your garden or at the farmers market (make sure you are at the organic stand) have 50 times the mineral and nutrition content than what you buy in plastic containers in your grocery store.


3. Exercise Daily


By adding exercise to your daily routine you are increasing the positive impact of your diet changes and growing the pool of energy inside you.


If you do not exercise at all, you can start with something as simple as going on a daily walk or a couple of crunches, squats, or even a swim, which is so good for your spine and your joints.


Do something you enjoy, because the likelihood of sticking with it will skyrocket after the ‘honeymoon phase’ wears off.


Exercising first thing in the morning is your best bet for many reasons. It will kick start your day, and will leave you feeling energized all day long.


When you put off exercise until the end of the day, if you are tired, it is one of the first things to go.


A little bit of exercise is certainly better than no exercise at all, so even just squeezing in a short session is better than doing nothing. It’s all about consistency.


4. Add Supplements

Straight to the point – we all need to supplement. Years ago, I hated taking supplements, but because of the various environmental factors, supplementation has become a necessity.


In addition to taking AlkaMind Daily Greens every morning and AlkaMind Daily Minerals 30 minutes before sleep, there are 3 other supplements that I take, my wife takes, and even my 16 month old son Brayden takes (yes, your children need them as well).


  1. Omega 3 Fatty Acids (Fish Oil)
  2. Probiotics (the refrigerated kind)
  3. Vitamin D3 (5,000 IUs for adult males, 4,000 IUs for adult females, 1-2,000 IUs for children, depending on age and size)


Optional: I also recommend sublingual B12 if you consume a largely plant-based diet. You can give yourself a B12 shot a couple of times a week in the arm at home, but that may not be for everyone. I prefer methyl-cobalamin as opposed to cyano-cobalamin because it crosses the blood brain barrier.


5. De-Stress

Stress is the silent killer and this is the most important tip I can give you today. Negative and stressed out thought patterns can poison your brain and your body.


The ACIDITY that stress causes outweighs a million times to one any effect that food or drinks can cause. This is WHY we must all get a better handle on the emotional/mental stresses in our lives.


Finding ways to decrease our daily stress should be top of mind to help you GET OFF YOUR ACID!


Meditation is one sure-fire way to learn to manage stress and train your brain to be less worried all of the time. Deep breathing exercises are another, as 70% of the toxins in your body are removed through your lungs.


Just like anything, without practice, our mind will wander all sorts of places without permission. Countless people, like entrepreneur Ray Dalia, swear on meditation being the biggest asset to their success.


6. Give Your Sleep a Boost with Alkaline Minerals

Okay, so you already know you should try for 8 hours of sleep at night, and that’s really true.


But did you know that your body is MOST acidic at 2:00 AM?


This is one of the reasons why SO MANY PEOPLE wake up feeling tired…it’s because your body is working so hard to neutralize all that acid.


AlkaMind Daily Minerals taken before bed prevents your body from having to work that hard! How? Alkaline minerals are the fastest way to neutralize acid in your body and balance your body’s pH, period.


The body uses minerals to help buffer the effect of acidity on the body, yet an astounding 80% of Americans are deficient in these alkaline minerals, especially magnesium.


The four most crucial alkaline minerals to remember are sodium bicarbonate, magnesium, potassium and calcium.


Unfortunately, not all supplements are created equal. Many supplements use calcium carbonate which is the cheapest form of calcium, and 25% of Americans can’t absorb it!


This is why AlkaMind Daily Minerals is such a powerful supplement!


It uses the most superior medical grade quality minerals in their most bioavailable form for fastest absorption and assimilation into your blood.


They not only help with better sleep, but also reducing joint and muscle pain, improve your focus, fight pre-mature aging, and are VERY effective at decreasing acid reflux!


7. Stop eating junk food!


Processed food and sugars, ie. junk food, are empty calories and have no redeeming value other than perhaps being tasty and very addictive – to make matters worse, they contribute to large amounts of acid in your body.


Just say no to pasta, bread, baked good, cereals, chips, candy and all that bad stuff. Instead try to eat healthier whole grains like quinoa, millet, wild rice, brown rice, buck wheat, etc.


This can be a hard one to implement since we all tend to eat these items not only due to the fact they are easy, but they are also inexpensive. Just try to gradually eliminate some of the junk food. Then add in the healthier alternatives, because even a small change will make a tremendous difference.


8. Have Healthy Snacks Available


This really helps you achieve that last one.


The real problem arises when you are hungry or stressed, and sometimes even bored, and if these acidic junk foods are accessible, they become a quick and easy go-to option that will be the fastest way to derail you from succeeding and sustaining the alkaline lifestyle.


Instead, focus on easy to pre-make or pre-prepare snack options like: tree nuts, alkaline snack bars like the chia bars, smoothies loaded with your favorite superfoods, green juices, ready-to-go carrot sticks or veggies with dips like hummus, or make-your-own trail mix with raw almonds, cashews, goji berries, unsweetened shredded coconut, cacao nibs, sunflower and flax seeds, and raisins.


9. Find Alkaline Foods You Already Like and Eat Often


As you may have noticed, there are lots and lots of foods that have alkalizing effects on the body. You may be already incorporating many of these into your current daily diet!


If you already have some of these foods that you eat on a regular basis, try to incorporate them more frequently into your daily diet. It is easier to add a little more of something you already love rather than start completely from scratch with a relationship to food.


10. Cook Fresh Food at Home


When you eat out, the food is never as nutritious as when you make it at home with fresh, organic ingredients.


Many times to cut costs and save money, restaurants (even the high end ones) use non-organic produce that have GMOs and all sorts of bad things like pesticides and bacteria. To make matters worse, they load on the butter to even the healthiest dishes.


Just to clarify, making something fresh does not involve throwing a frozen pizza in the oven for dinner. Try to use fresh, organic greens, fruits, nuts, seeds, and whole grains like quinoa.


Here are 10 awesome strategies to get you on the path to better health and energy. But remember this – the strategy is only 20% of the success. 80% of the success, and most important, is your psychology and WHY you want to get healthy. Wrap a BIG enough reason behind anything you do, and there is no doubt, you WILL find a way to get it done. So before you leave this blog, make a decision on which steps you will start TODAY out of the list provided, and WHY it is important to you to do those. Good luck, and if you have any questions, please reach out!


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