All the Secrets of Kelly Ripa's Detox Diet From Her Nutritionist


Want to know just what Kelly Ripa eats in order to get that enviable bikini bod'? Of course you do—it's almost swimsuit season!

Kelly's nutritionist Dr. Daryl Gioffre, a celebrity nutritionist, alkaline diet expert and author of the book, Get Off Your Acid, chatted with E! News about his celeb client, who just so happened to write the forward to his book, and how she was able to remedy some problems that many people are silently enduring.

In the frank chat, Dr. Gioffre explained that the detox requires a few things that Kelly opted not to abstain from, but that meant the Live Kelly and Ryan host had good balance in her life.

"She literally is one of the healthiest and most balanced people that I know," said the doctor.

From cutting out certain foods to adding others, Dr. Gioffre's got all the ways to detox your diet Kelly Ripa-style!

So if you want all of Kelly's nutrition details without having to pay full price of a visit to the good doc, take a gander at what he has to say about how Kelly kicked the acid to the curb and how you can too...

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