Are You Missing out on Important Minerals?

I was recently asked to review Alkamind Daily Minerals. I was very interested as I’d just finished an article about women’s health and how women don’t realize the value and importance of minerals to keep their bodies healthy.

I received a packet of 15 powder dietary supplements. It’s recommended you take them one to three times daily. I opted for once a day, and I think I may try them again, using them three times daily.

The mission of these minerals is to alkalize and replenish. These packets contain four pure minerals: sodium bicarbonate (to reduce reflux and aid muscle recovery), potassium bicarbonate (is an aid for cramping, digestions and kidney health), magnesium glycinate (supports sleep, blood sugar, and constipation), and calcium citrate (promotes health bones and good blood pressure). They’re a must to keep in your gym bag for an after-workout boost.

As I have acid reflux, I was interested in that, but can’t say I saw improvement, which is why I would consider drinking the mix three times a day. However, I did notice an improvement in my sleep, which is also a problem for me. Overall, I do believe I felt better while using these minerals daily and would recommend them to a friend.

The power mixes well in water and does not have an unpleasant taste. I had no problem drinking it.

To find out about all the Alkamind products, see They also have detox plans as well as supplements for daily greens and protein. They also offer a plan to help you get rid of sugar. You may want to begin with the Starter Kit that includes a variety of products.

As a woman of a certain age, I do believe these minerals can help you feel better and improve your body’s health.

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