Nutritionists do not give up on these foods!

Marketers know how to sell unhealthy foods to us as healthy. For example, some protein bars are really plain candy. And although the unroasted Greek yoghurt is healthy, no seasoned versions of it are sold. So what do you know about what's really healthy? Many rely on nutrition experts. Knowing their favorite snacks and food items is a good start to a healthy life.


This is a great source of protein and saturated or useful fats, says DyanHes, a medical director at Gramery Pediatrics and is a specialist in obesity. "Two tablespoons of butter is a good snack in itself. It can also be spread over apple cider or whole grain bread roll. "


"This is also a great snack as it is, with a dip and spread," says Hes. Hummus is a good source of protein, fiber and healthy fats. "It can be used as a dip for carrots, wheat crackers or pitasps. I actually use it in the sandwiches of mayonnaise and mustard. "


It is assumed that the meat does not contain nitrite, says Hes. "I often do this when I do not have time to cook or when children need a snack," she says. "We eat it as it is or in rolls with avocado, cucumber or pickles. Sometimes I eat turkey rolls up to the morning. "


Eggs are an excellent source of protein, healthy fats and omega fatty acids, says a certified nutritionist Monica Moore. "Eggs can be made in many different ways, and they are one of the cheapest protein sources!" DyanHes tells that he cooks eggs for the weekends at weekends.


"I like fresh fruits, but unsweetened dried fruits are a great option for those days when you do not have time to shop, have stuck in the office and make a mind of something sweet," Hes says. "I especially like apples and mangoes, but they all are good." Dried apricots are a good source of calcium, he adds.


Green tea is a great stimulant for those with coffee that causes heartburn, Hes says. Green tea polyphenols are believed to have many health effects, including anti-cancer properties to improve metabolism.


Nutrition specialist and personal trainer Joe Bauer says he uses spinach, kale, greasy yogurt, oil, protein powder and cinnamon. "I take care that I always have those ingredients in my home. In Tuja, my green spirit (as I call it) has a lot of natural vitamins and minerals, important fatty acids, protein and lots of fibers. "Bauer drinks the green spirit at least once a day.


"I've always liked the traditional kaurapuurosta," says Bauer. Oatmeal is a great source of slow-absorbing fiber-rich carbohydrates, and it also provides fats and proteins. "I add oatmeal to a tablespoon oil, chocolate or vanilla protein powder, wheat bran and rip cinnamon. Delicious!"


"Today, a low carbohydrate diet is required for everyone, but athletes and trainers need a lot of good carbohydrates," Bauer says. "With oat bran, sweet potato gets very slowly absorbable fiber-rich carbohydrates. That's why my kitchens always have sweet potatoes. "From the patates you can make French, or you can cook with meat, giving you a delicious meal for several days.


"I have no obesity," Bauer says. "Personally, I stay away from red muscle, but it's because of my blood type." It's a good idea to make sure that the meat is a free animal, "Bauer adds. "I usually have chicken or turkey in the refrigerator to make sure I get enough protein every day."


"I eat those couple three times a week. I always have these to go in case I do not have time to eat a full meal, "Bauer says. "These are my favorites, because there are no unnecessary ingredients in them, and the texture and taste are good."


A certified nutritionist Mia Russo Stern, who also works as a food blogger and develops food recipes, says he is using high quality olive oil for salads and baking garlic for fresh spinach to be enjoyed. DyanHes is also a friend of olive oil. "I have it in a litter box! I sprinkle oil over the vegetables and use it for frying, "he says.


"I always have organic BPA cans in the closet," says Stern. "I often put together a cold papal salad, which I can add to a pasta, with a mixture of olive oil and lemon to dip it or use it as a spread." The cookies are one of Stern's favorites.


The oat is a wholegrain grain that contains a lot of fiber and is full, Moore says. "The oats are good for the heart, cheap and it is well preserved in the closet." The oats can be eaten as flakes with fruit. Oat flakes can also be used to bake muffins, biscuits or breads.


"Avocado is probably my favorite food of all ages. It is called 'God's Fat' for a reason, "says the well-known nutrition specialist and doctor Daryl Gioffre. Avocado is, above all, versatile: it can be used almost anywhere, even in desserts. "In fact, I'm making a sociable good avocado chocolate mousse," says Gioffre. Avocado contains vitamins K, C, B5 and B6. It is also a good source of calcium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, zinc, magnesium and iron. "I always have ripe avocados ready for use. I can keep them in the fridge, where they stay fresh for up to three weeks. "


A registered nutritionist and diabetic trainer, Deborah Malkoff-Cohen, says that they always find Greek yoghurt in their refrigerator, as protein-like foods like that keep starvation long and prevent the blood sugar being thrown away. He recommends avoiding yogurt flavored with sugar and sweeteners. "In fact, I add berries, banana or nettomelon to yogurt. If yogurt wants to be salty, you can add chickens. "


"I have an angry love relationship with cheese, but I still have it in my refrigerator," says Malkoff-Cohen. The cottage cheese contains a lot of protein and is well suited for enjoying high-fiber, antioxidant-containing berries. Add some blueberries, blackberries, strawberries and / or raspberries.


"I am a great friend of the beans," says Malkoff-Cohen. Black beans can be added to many different foods if you want more protein. They also contain a lot of fibers. You should eat black beans with egg white, edamam and lime and pepper flakes as a snack.


"I love babybel cheese," says Malkoff-Cohen. "I have a snack at work as it's so easy to take." One of the 20 grams of cheese has five grams of protein. It receives 15 percent of the daily calcium requirement.


Malkoff-Cohen always has a lot of nuts - like almonds, cashew nuts and walnuts - at home. They are a good source of healthy fats. "It's easy to taste in different ways, and they are also a good snack," he says. A handful of nuts with sea salt is a good option. The sea salt contains plenty of sodium, potassium, magnesium, bromide, chloride, iron, copper and zinc.


Who would have guessed that there is food that is both delicious and healthy? The chocolate ingredient is a cocoa that is full of antioxidants and health-enhancing chemicals. One studysuggests that certain ingredients of the chocolate will improve the metabolism, which causes the body to burn fat faster. Try dark chocolate with almond.


Cuttlefish is known for its protein and omega-3 fatty acid concentrations. Omega-3 fatty acids are important for blood and brain health. "Purse tuna is easy to use," says Malkoff-Cohen. It is a budget-friendly food that can be manufactured in many different ways. It is also a pretty good source of vitamin D.

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