Relaxing In A Sanctuary Of Wellness With Cygalle Healing Spa

To celebrate the end of New York Fashion Week, Cygalle Healing Spa held a wondrous day of healing. The holistic and sensorial experience provided social media influencers with pampering spa services including complimentary deep relaxation, chair massages, Reiki healings, vegan spa manicures, spiritual readings, and LNS For Hair hair extensions.  I have known Cygalle for almost eight years now, when she first gave me an amazing facial with her own products at a tiny spot on the LES. Her events always feature the very best healers and practitioners and a nice mix of influencers. For this event, I was there all day but unfortunately somehow missed getting the psychic guidance reading. I also didn’t get the massage. But other guests, highly praised both treatments.

I did, however, get my hair done by the awesome gals from LNS For Hair, a Maryland based hair salon and hair company founded by two awesome sistas and celebrity hairstylists Sekia Holmes and Lacy Fields. LNS For Hair presents luxurious, natural, and sophisticated hair extensions, weaves, hair colouring and healthy hair care for their diverse elite clients. My Maryland home gals totally hooked my hair up with a full install of the softest, high quality extensions I have ever rocked. They are going to be my go-to salon when I visit my hometown. (TGATP Note: I will be doing a separate post on them featuring both info on their line and how to best take care of sew-in extensions.)

The Reiki healing was one of the best sessions I have ever had. Combining her healing hands with sound and aroma therapies, I completely merged energies with Daisy Collado and I will definitely go see her again. To book an appointment with this Reiki goddess call: (212) 533-3400

I am a big fan of Lust Cosmetics, a luxury vegan, cruelty free, gluten free and natural for all cosmetics brand founded by an lovely, enterprising young woman named Samara Walker. Samara provided guests with vegan spa manicures with colors inspired by seasonal fashion trends. I missed getting my nails done with her brand this time because I was early and she was late. But did I get a lovely mani from Cygalle’s team with my other fav polish Zoya.

Psychic Guide Roxanne Elizabeth Usleman, PhD offered psychic guidance readings. Roxanne’s work focuses on nonphysical forces and universal principles. I heard she was incredible, so I am looking forward to a private session and interview with her for a future post.

In one afternoon, my mind, body and Spirit were all lifted. “The Sanctuary of Wellness was created to offer relaxation, wellness, and beauty treatments during one of the most demanding weeks in the fashion industry,” said Cygalle Davis, founder of Cygalle Healing Spa. “At Cygalle Healing Spa, our mission has always been to pamper, heal and educate people on on how to be healthy, and I’m confident that Cygalle Healing Spa and the wondering partnering brands at the Sanctuary of Wellness will be able to do so.”

The Sanctuary of Wellness was designed by Curb Gardner Creative Group, a highly sought-after boutique design company that specializes in architectural and interior spaces, event branding, and lifestyle cultivation. With its unique expertise in design, pulse on what’s hot, and marketing savvy, Curb Gardner Creative Group created a truly remarkable space. I am enthralled with the fascinating bon vivant Curb and his awesome merging of interior design and event planning and will be featuring an interview with him in the near future.

As well as, LNS For Hair and Lust Cosmetics, other brands partnering with Cygalle Healing Spa for this spiritual, beauty and wellness event included:

Alkamind: Alkamind, founded by Dr. Daryl Gioffre, author of the Amazon bestseller Get Off Your Acid: 7 Steps in 7 Days to Lose Weight, Fight inflammation, and Reclaim Your Health & Energy, is a line of wellness products and detox programs designed to fuel the body with nutrients and fight acidity. At the Sanctuary of Wellness, Alkamind will be offering guests their signature vegan greens and minerals, designed to deliver natural energy boosts and alkaline the body.

Clear Choice: ClearChoice®, a division of Dermastart, Inc., is a skin care line that utilizes botanical and active ingredients to achieve physician grade results. At the Sanctuary of Wellness, the skin care company will be sampling ClearChoice® Dirty Lash, a convenient healthy way to extend longevity of the lashes by eliminating protein build up, and ClearChoice® VR Spray Hydrating Spray, a unique and balanced formula designed to provide therapeutic ingredients to vaginal tissues to tighten and firm the vaginal walls. Prana SpaCeuticals™, a revolutionary skin-care line created by the President and CEO of Dermastart Inc., provide samples of their Organic Hand Sanitizer. This refreshing hand. sanitizer designed to not only kill germs, but also hydrate the hands at the same time.

POP!N: POP!N, a new mobile app designed to make fitness convenient and cost effective by removing barriers to access great workout spaces, is offering exclusive codes for guests to try free workout classes at premium gyms in New York. The POP!N app allows users without gym memberships to workout at partnering gym locations, paying only for the amount of time used during the workout session.

About Cygalle Healing Spa

Launched in 2006 as a mobile spa concept, Cygalle Healing Spa quickly gained notoriety by pampering celebrities such as Kate Hudson, Helena Christensen, David Blaine, and Rosario Dawson.  Cygalle Dias, the company founder, launched a spa management division for luxury hotels and condominiums in North America in November 2008, which specializes in services for wellness centers in fast-urban environments.  The company designed, launched and managed the world class destination spa at Casa de Campo, voted one of the top spas in the world by Vanity Fair in 2009.  The team was crucial with elevation the spa’s services and brand, to become a Leading Hotels of the World property.

Today, the CHS brand represents a sanctuary of wellness where the wisdom of ancient remedies meets modern methodologies.  Its philosophy is to promote a natural healing environment, whether in a spa or at home via the CHS true holistic skincare line.

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