Signs of Too Much Acid In Your Body

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Are you feeling sluggish, tired, heavy, and not like yourself from all those unhealthy eating habits?  Do you feel tired EVEN after a good night’s sleep?  Do you struggle with nagging cravings that sabotage your efforts to be healthy?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, they are all classic signs and symptoms of having too much acid in your body. 

As a doctor, I have ALWAYS been interested in WHY some people are energized, healthy, and fit, and WHY other people are tired all the time, always in pain no matter what they do, and can’t seem to get rid of those few extra nagging pounds.  Like a detective, I followed the evidence and the evidence led me to ACID. It didn’t matter what the condition or symptom was, people who were overweight, stressed, fatigued, joint & muscle pains, bad skin, reflux, bad digestion, etc – the common denominator and the smoking gun was ACID.

Here is why acid is so bad. Think about what acid does. Acid can burn a hole through metal, and if it can do that to metal, think about what that’s doing inside your body, to your digestive system, your joints and muscles, and your cardiovascular system.

You see, the problem is the Standard American Diet (aka SAD diet) is pumping us up with damaging acids EVERY SINGLE DAY like sugar, gluten, processed foods, coffee, dairy, meat, carbonated water, artificial sweeteners, soda, and the list goes on…

The accumulation of toxins and acids combined with STRESS creates massive amounts of inflammation in your body and joints, and your body has to work that much harder to stay afloat and deal with the damaging effects the inflammation is causing. This makes waking up every morning with the energy we need to tackle our day almost impossible.

Most Americans are combatting this lack of energy with caffeine, coffee, sugar, and energy drinks and it doesn’t work. They are tired, all day, and are so wired by the end of the day from all the acidic stimulants, they can’t sleep at night.


If all of this sounds too familiar for yourself or someone you know and care about, then chances are your body is acidic and it is robbing you of your health and vitality every day.

But here’s the good news…there’s hope!

You can make changes now to help slow down, stop, and reverse the damage done to your health by an acidic lifestyle.

I won’t lie.  It doesn’t happen overnight, and it’s going to take some work on your part. But if you make the commitment NOW to GET OFF YOUR ACID, the INVESTMENT you make will be well worth it.

It’s not about trying to be perfect, or cutting out EVERYTHING you enjoy for the rest of your life! It’s not about deprivation either. It’s about adding the small things that make the biggest difference and doing them daily.

Start today with some simple changes to get you on your way from being acidic to alkaline.

  1. Breathe. Do deep breathing exercises three times a day.  Not only will you get more energy, you will also get rid of the most damaging acid in your body, carbon dioxide which is 120 times more acidic than every other acid in your body COMBINED, including the acid in your stomach!
  2. Hydrate-and coffee doesn’t count! Drink an 8 ounce glass of water every morning with either 2 tsp. raw apple cider vinegar or the juice of half an organic lemon. Then, hydrate even more by drinking half of your body weight in ounces of water daily.  If you weigh 150 lbs, then drink 75 oz of water daily.
  3. Get Your Greens & Minerals. GET OFF YOUR ACID with my AlkaMind Daily Greens & Daily Minerals, the fastest way to crush acid! By giving your body the alkaline nutrients you’ve been missing, your body will start to heal itself and you will reclaim your energy.
  4. Avoid or Minimize Harmful Acids like caffeine, sugar, gluten, dairy, alcohol, soda, processed food, artificial sweeteners, and carbonated water.
  5. Drink Smoothies. Having a fresh, organic, green smoothie daily is an awesome way to pack nutrient-dense alkaline superfoods into your body. Always go with a green like spinach or kale as your foundation, a small amount of fruit (banana or berries) and some healthy fats to neutralize any sugars in the fruit like coconut oil, raw almond butter, or chia seeds. My favorite liquids are coconut water, coconut milk, and almond milk.
  6. Exercise for 20 minutes every day. Sweating will help your body release the toxins and acids that have built up over time, even exercise as simple as a brisk walk. Or try my favorite alkaline exercise that NASA showed is 68% more effective at weight loss and cardiovascular health, the rebounder.
  7. Go 80/20. In other words, eat 80% alkaline foods and 20% acidic foods. Sign up here to receive an alkaline food chart to help you make better alkaline eating choices.  My good friend, and alkaline-diet expert Ross Bridgeford from Live Energized wrote an awesome article on the 7 Most Alkaline Foods - check it out and see which foods are most essential to incorporate in your 80%."

My Get Off Your Acid 7-Day Live Group Cleanse will be starting Monday, July 20th.  We still have a few openings left for those of you who want a full immersion jumpstart into changing from an acidic to alkaline lifestyle. If you don’t want to wait to do the cleanse with me, you can start right away with our Do-It-Yourself 7-Day Cleanse Program - Save NOW by Signing Up Here!



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Naqeeb Ullah
Naqeeb Ullah

Need an alkaline food chart


After I eat beans I am very bloated any suggestions? Is this something my body just has to work thru?
Thank you

Katrina S
Katrina S

Hi Dr. Daryl, I ordered my supply of the greens and mineral and looking forward to start next week Monday on the cleanse. See you Tuesday on the evening call.


Could you please recommend a good rebounder. What rebounder do you recommend we use? Thank you so much

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