The "smart" health advice that's actually making you sicker (Part 2)

Get ready to have your mind blown because this blog shatters some of the most standard and basic “health advice” that most people follow. However, these common tips may actually be keeping people heavier and sicker.

Let the myth-busting begin! 


  • Bananas are a great source of potassium. When you experience muscle cramps, Charlie Horses, or abnormal heart rhymes…most people say, “Eat a banana; you are low in potassium.” However, one large banana provides only 14% RDV (recommended daily value), while an avocado provides 30% RDV! Bananas are also 25% SUGAR, which spikes your insulin, an inflammatory and FAT-STORING hormone.

  • Therefore, it’s time to split ways with bananas and bring on avocados, as they are also part of my FIVE to THRIVE plan.

  • Load up on probiotics with yogurt, especially Greek Yogurt. While probiotics are essential to gut health since they replenish good bacteria and simultaneously crowd out the bad, yogurt isn’t the best way to go. This is because most yogurt is whipped SUGAR (many contain more grams than ice creams), TOXINS (artificial sweeteners), and extreme amounts of COW MILK. 
  • Here’s my beef with cow’s milk: It actually gives you weaker—not stronger—bones. While milk is high in calcium, it’s low in magnesium, which is necessary for calcium absorption. In fact, it has a 10:1 ratio of Ca to Mg—which is VERY imbalanced. You need a ratio of 1:1 to be able to ABSORB the calcium. Most cows also feed on grains containing pro-inflammatory omega-6 fatty acids, other acidic hormones, and pesticide residues. Therefore, just take a quality spore-based probiotic. 

  • Do NOT eat carbs. This is a massive lie. You DO need to eat fiber-rich, slow-burning carbs to be healthy and LOSE WEIGHT. Carbs help you stay full, crush cravings, burn fat, and strengthen your gut. Click HERE to discover my favorite carbs and more reasons why they must be part of your diet. Keep calm, and CARB on.

  • Shop in the “health food” aisle. This is actually one of the most UN-healthy sections of the store because many of the products are highly processed. To be healthy, keep things simple: buy fresh, organic produce. For an alkaline shopping list and grocery store shopping advice, please click HERE.

  • And now for my timeless health hack that even the busiest person can do daily: Drink ONE scoop of Acid-Kicking Greens in the morning and evening.

    It fuels your body with 21 nutrient-dense alkaline superfoods and 5 servings of organic greens. Get all the deets here. If you don’t like the taste of earthy greens, try the sweet and inviting peach and citrus flavors, which are kid-approved

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