Don’t Choose The Winter Blues

The old adage, “Life is a matter of choices, and every choice you make makes you,” is especially true when it comes to mental health.

Winter blues and seasonal depression aren’t “things out of your control.” Of course, you can NOT control the weather, but you CAN choose what you put IN your mind and cells.

Mental Health Is A Cellular Issue


I specifically said cells because mental health starts in your CELLS. I wrote a comprehensive article here, and I highly suggest taking a few moments to fully digest it.

In short, mitochondria (cells) use oxygen and nutrients to create the fuel needed to be healthy. Healthy cells can adapt to stress, fight off mental and physical illness, and generally function well.  

On the flip side, damaging your mitochondria happens when you stuff glucose and glutamine (AKA processed foods, sugars, etc.) in your body and let CORTISOL from chronic stress take over. 

The Stress & Sugar Cycle

In the last few years, collectively, the world has been experiencing levels of chronic stress like never seen before, leading our bodies to produce unprecedented amounts of cortisol and adrenaline.

Cortisol acts as your body’s built-in alarm system. When your body goes into ‘flight, fight, or freeze’ mode due to stress, the brain literally “TURNS OFF” many functions of the immune system (80% of the immune system lives in your gut) to send energy where it is needed at the moment for survival. 

This can lead to anxiety and depression. Adrenal glands are in charge of your hormones and, when damaged, produce too much estrogen and not enough progesterone, leading to a range of other health challenges.

It’s a brutal cycle >> stress leads to consuming more sugar, unhealthy carbs, processed foods, and alcohol >> all of the above (acid and sugar) causes your cells and gut to break down >> damaged cells can’t function as they should >> physical and mental health illnesses and miserable symptoms start appearing.

No wonder everyone gets sick around the holidays after engulfing sugar, staying up late, cutting back on exercise, dealing with difficult in-laws, etc. 

Kicking sugar and acid is the main way to empower your body and mind to prevent the winter blues. Exercising, strategic supplements, meditation, nutrient-dense foods, breathing exercises, etc., are also part of the prescription.

The Winter HAPPINESS Prescription

No matter how cold it is outside, following this formula can help you feel warm in your body, mind, and soul. The prescription below is general advice; please talk to your doctor about specific recommendations.

  • Acid-Kicking Omega-3s. Take 2 capsules a day. 
  • Harvard Health recently put out a paper that found Omega-3s:

    • Easily travel through the brain cell membrane and positively interact with mood-related molecules. 
    • Provide anti-inflammatory actions that may help relieve depression.
    • Help prevent and heal postpartum depression, bipolar disorder, ADHD, OCD, and other mood disorders.

    Even more, Acid-Kicking Omega-3s reduce the risk of heart disease, prevent headaches, and drastically improve brain functionality and mental health. Since your body can’t make Omega-3s on its own, please start adding Acid-Kicking Omega-3s into your daily brain routine.

  • Acid-Kicking Vitamin D3+K2. Take 10 drops when you wake up.
  • Vitamin D is a crucial nutrient for your nervous and immune systems, but 75-90% of Americans are vitamin D deficient during winter’s short and gloomy days.

    Without vitamin D, your body can’t function as it was designed to. You feel depressed because your nervous system shuts down. Colds, respiratory illnesses, and the flu come knocking at your door because your immune system is weakened from a lack of Acid-Kicking Vitamin D3+K2.

  • Turn STRESS Into Strength. Be intentional about doing these practices daily.
  • Find ways to manage your stress, so that stress doesn’t manage you. Below are some of my favorite ways to manage stress: washing away cortisol and adrenaline. 

    • Meditation: My favorite motivating meditations are by Dr. Joe Dispenza
    • Brain Fitness: I use BrainTap daily to guide my brain from awake and reactionary patterns to intuitive and creative responses.
  • Eat FRESH produce. Fresh, nutrient-dense foods reduce symptoms of depression like hopelessness, sleep troubles, and disconnecting from others. You can also blend up an Acid-Kicking smoothie even your kids will love. Here are dozens of recipes.
    • Forest Bathing: Bundle up and simply get out in nature. Turn your phone off, move your body, breathe fresh air, and be in awe of the beauty around you.
    • Breathwork: Your cells need extra oxygen to thrive, and breathwork also soothes your nervous system, anxiety, and depression. Try it right now: Inhale 3 counts and exhale 6 counts. 
    • MOVE. Just move your body: snowshoe, walk, dance, yoga, cycle, pilates, whatever it takes to get your natural endorphins flowing through your body and invigorating your mind.
    • Read a book that inspires and empowers: Social media posts do not count. I’m talking about a real book that you hold in your hands.
    • Cold shower: Wim Hof pulled himself out of a deep depression through the natural powers of breathing and cold therapy. Discover his method for keeping your muscles supple and mind clear.

    You control what you do and how things impact you.

    Make this winter smart, happy, and healthy with mind and body nutrients from the Acid-Kicking Mental Health Brain Bundle.

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