How to Detox Daily in the New Year to Lose Belly Fat – No Resolutions Required!


Happy New Year!

I’ll be honest. I am not a fan of New Year’s resolutions because let’s face it… just because you make it doesn’t mean you’re going to keep it.

In fact, by January 15th, just 2 weeks into the new year, research shows that 90% of people who made resolutions have already broken them. And it only drops further from there.

But my biggest problem with resolutions is this… They make changing your habits into this big, scary, stressful thing, and they usually involve PAIN, deprivation, and constant motivation. That never works!

What if, instead, we shift our thinking about the whole idea of New Year’s resolutions? Instead of a major life change that feels all-encompassing and stresses you out just thinking about it… 

What if you resolved to pamper yourself more this year? What if your resolution is new kinds of self-care? What if feeling good and taking care of yourself is the goal?

Now that’s a resolution you can keep!

Especially if, as a natural result of taking care of yourself, inches melt off your waistline! Does this sound like a dream? I’m here to tell you it’s possible.

Today, I want to share my favorite ways to take care of yourself, in the form of daily detoxes. Many of these can be done anytime, anywhere, and some of them are even free.

But first, I’ll explain WHY these detox practices will actually help you lose weight without even trying, especially glued-on fat around your belly that’s hard to get rid of.

It All Starts with Sugar

When you dump sugar and processed carbs (like pasta, bread, white potatoes, or processed snacks that contain gluten) into your bloodstream, your insulin level spikes.

And what does that make your body do?

Feel hungry and crave more sugar. What happens when you feel hungry? Your body goes into starvation mode, storing all the fat it can.

If you’ve ever eaten pizza and then had a craving for ice cream, you know what I’m talking about. It’s that feeling of being always hungry and never full!

Your insulin levels are just begging for more sugar and carbs. Over time, this sets you up for insulin resistance, and can have the ability to lead to degenerative diseases like diabetes. So this problem has serious consequences.

This is why we want to RESET your hunger hormones to stop this chain reaction. You’ll no longer crave sugar, but more importantly, your body will begin to release the belly fat that it has been storing.

And that’s what these detox practices can do for you.

Don’t be surprised if your weight loss goals get a lot easier once you incorporate some of these pampering self-care ideas into your daily life.

10 Self Care Ideas for Daily Detox

  1. Lemon Water 

Can you believe that something as simple as water is an effective detox tool?

By adding a slice of lemon, water becomes a gentle yet effective way to alkalize and cleanse the liver, kidneys, and colon, and help alkalize the body. It assists in breaking up mucus and provides energy via enzymes, vitamin C, potassium, and trace minerals. Please use fresh, lemons, not prepared lemon juice.

Be sure your water is filtered, and avoid bottled water whenever possible. Drink the number of ounces per day equal to at least half of your body weight (i.e. 140 lbs. body weight = 70 oz. water per day). In the winter, it can be especially helpful and cleansing to drink warm water or even Detox Tea, which is also hydrating.

  1. Fat Flusher Shot (Lemon and Olive Oil Shot)

Help cleanse and flush the liver and gallbladder with this morning cocktail made up of 1 tbsp. of organic extra virgin olive oil and half a squeezed lemon. Stir and drink.

  1. Breathing

Did you know that 70% of the toxins inside of your body are removed through the lungs? Breathing is an essential element to life, and yet, today we’re using less and less of our lung capacity.

Think about it – when you’re stressed, is your breath deep or shallow? You’d be surprised how often we hold our breath, which traps carbon dioxide in your body, one of the largest acids, while depriving you of oxygen, which alkalizes your blood.

When we are over-stressed, we freeze and stop breathing. This causes CO2 to build up in our blood, the quickest way for your body to become overly acidic, even more so than through eating acidic food. 

In order to stop this acidic breathing, use this 3:6:5 Power Breathe throughout your day as a useful tool to alkalize.

  1. Body Brushing

This is one of best ways to stimulate the lymphatic system, which is one of your body’s most important systems for detoxification. This is beneficial because it assists the lymph nodes in keeping blood and other vital tissues detoxified. It is energizing, assists in breaking up cellulite, removes dead skin, stimulates

circulation, and strengthens the immune system.

To do this, you will need a natural bristle brush, which can be purchased at most health food stores or pharmacies. Start at your feet and work up the body in long strokes towards your heart. 

Be sure to cover the whole body, but skip the face and the breasts. Do not feel like you need to spend a tremendous amount of time on this. 2 to 3 minutes prior to your shower will make a huge difference. 

  1. Toxin Eliminator Bath

Before bed, place 2 cups of Epsom salts and 1 cup of baking soda in the tub, run the hottest water you can stand, and add 8 drops of lavender essential oil. Soak for 20 minutes and allow yourself to sweat.

When you are finished bathing, wrap yourself up in towels, go under the covers, and sweat some more. You should feel very relaxed and sleep soundly.

  1. Exercise

Walking, yoga, swimming, tai chi, hiking, biking, rebounding, and strength training are all great ways to get moving and enhance your lymphatic system activity, which is essential for detoxing. This is called lymphatic drainage. 

  1. Chia Shot

Getting additional fiber is vital to supporting the colon in its role of toxin elimination. This quick shot will relieve constipation naturally.

I recommend putting 2 tbsp. of chia seeds along with a scoop of Alkamind Daily Greens in your morning smoothie, water, or coconut water. You can stir the seeds in with a cappuccino frother for 1 minute to avoid the chia floating to the top of the drink.

  1. Castor Oil Packs

This is a safe, inexpensive way to nurture and support the liver. Especially during the winter season, or if you suffer from liver-based symptoms like eye problems, PMS, pre-menopausal symptoms, mood swings, bloating, tender breasts, hot flashes, anxiety, migraines, skin rashes and breakouts, angry outbursts, or tension between the shoulders, this will feel great and bring you a remarkable sense of well-being and tranquility.

Castor oil is said to be able to penetrate deeply – as much as 4 inches – into the body. These packs can be used to stimulate and detox the liver and gall bladder.

You will need 100% pure, cold-pressed castor oil, wool (not cotton or polyester) flannel, and a hot water bottle (or heating pad).

  1. Fold the wool flannel into three or four layers, and soak it with castor oil.
  2. Put the flannel in a baking dish and heat slowly in the oven until it becomes hot, but not hot enough to scald or injure your skin.
  3. Rub castor oil on your stomach, lie down, and place the hot flannel on top of your stomach.
  4. Seal off the flannel with plastic wrap.
  5. Cover with a hot water bottle or heating pad for one hour, keeping the flannel as hot as safely and comfortably possible.

After you are done, wash the oil from your abdomen. The oil-soaked flannel can

be kept sealed in a glass container until further use, as castor oil does not become rancid as quickly as other oils. It is recommended you use the pack once a day for 3 days, then take 3 days off, and then use it for another 3 days.

  1. Infrared Sauna

I like to sweat in an infrared sauna. Infrared saunas help your body release a number of toxins, including heavy metals like mercury and lead, and environmental chemicals. The benefits don’t stop there. With infrared sauna technology, you can also lose weight, relax, relieve unwanted pain, increase your circulation, and purify your skin.

Infrared saunas are an effective tool for natural healing and prevention. Infrared

light has the ability to penetrate human tissue, which in turn produces a host of anti-aging health benefits making infrared saunas one of the “hottest” therapies for overall healthier living. If you want to get yourself back into balance, an infrared sauna may be the ticket to achieving your wellness goals.

  1. Meditation 

In addition to being a calming, centering practice, meditation helps your body eliminate toxins more effectively.

As a basic meditation practice, close your eyes, place your hands on your belly, and just tune into the sensations around you, as you inhale and exhale. Gradually begin to deepen the breath, taking 10 to 20 slow, deep, conscious breaths deeply into and out of the belly.

Here’s an easy gratitude meditation. So simple yet immensely powerful, this gratitude meditation is highly recommended first thing in the morning or before going to bed. It is especially important if you often find yourself spiraling down the hole of negative thinking and negative manifestations in your life.

Sit quietly with your eyes closed and meditate on all that is good in your life. If you are having trouble finding something good, simply feel gratitude for the gift of breath and a healthy body. Your objects of gratitude can be as big or as small as you want. You may choose to write down these items after or before meditating on them. Do this for as long as you want. You can also do this while walking in nature. 

So there you have it. 10 simple ways to detox daily, crush your sugar cravings, and lose the belly fat that’s been stubbornly stuck.

These detox ideas came from the 7-Day Alkaline Cleanse’s Detox Protocol Guide, which has even more ideas and tips for detoxing as you lose weight.


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Dr. Daryl

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