Sugar’s Sneaky 62+ Aliases


It’s time to no longer sugarcoat the addictive and damaging effects of the Standard American Diet (S.A.D.). Sugar is incredibly sneaky, hiding in the least expected places. BBQ sauce, ketchup, and pasta sauce—yep, even these savory condiments are filled with SUGAR! Some brands have sugar equivalent to a couple of Oreo cookies in ½ cup serving of their sauce! 

Sugar Spotting 101

Welcome to sugar detective school! The first step to getting off sugar is to really get to know ALL of sugar’s aliases! Yep, sugar goes by 62 (and counting) names. I know that is a crazy long list, and some are hard to spell and pronounce. When in doubt, if it ends in “ose” then it's a no-go!

Drum roll…. Here are sugar’s sneaky aliases to catch next time you are investigating a label:

The why and how you can actually Get Off Your Sugar—for real!

For some sweet ah-haa moments about your relationship with sugar, check out my book: Get Off Your Sugar. I cut through the clutter and explain why sugar addictions are hard-wired physiological responses that start at your first taste in life, and how to actually cut ties with sugar.



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