The “health advice” that's actually making you sicker (Part 1)

It’s time to debunk the garbage “health advice” floating around the internet and clogging your grocery store shelves.

You all are like FAMILY to me, and I want you to feel as happy and healthy as possible. That's why I spend so much time writing blogs, giving you free information to help you navigate your family’s road to optimal health.

And now for 4 pieces of popular “health advice” that actually makes people SICKER.

Must do it all perfectly. Aiming for perfection is impossible, and it only buries you in stress—the #1 cause of acid. You could be eating only organic veggies, taking all the supplements in the world, waking up at 4am to exercise—but if you are coating your body with stress from the perfection lens, then none of those things matter. Remember: MODERATION, never deprivation. 

Be a vegetarian*. YES, you read that correctly; some of the sickest people are *unhealthy vegetarians or vegans. This is because their diets mainly contain toxic, sugary carbs and lack essential fats. Uncover more details via this blog.

Stay indoors to prevent winter illnesses. It’s actually the OPPOSITE. Colds and other illnesses are more common in the winter because people are inside more, easily passing them from one to another. It's also because people are not getting natural vitamin D from the sun due to the shorter, colder days. 

This leads to depression (aka your nervous system shutting down) and sickness, as vitamin D is a crucial nutrient for your nervous and immune systems. 
For maximum absorption and superior mental and physical health benefits, I added organic hemp and EVOO for heart health, Vitamin E for skin and joint health, and elite bioavailable K2 to my Acid-Kicking Vitamin D3+K2. You can also copy my exact formula for NOT getting sick via this blog post. I follow this formula 365 days a year and can’t remember the last time I had a sniffle. 

Drink oat milk. While it is gluten and dairy-free, it is still loaded with a sugar called maltose, which has a glycemic index of 105. This means it skyrockets blood sugar levels immediately upon consuming it. For comparison, SODA has a glycemic index of 65-75. Yep, by this metric, soda is “healthier,” but please never drink it since it’s bubbling with toxins.

It is also made from a grain contaminated with fungal mycotoxins, a toxic form of fungus that damages your immune system. In short, replace oat milk with one of my alkaline and delicious mylks—macadamia chai or golden coconut. Choose to THRIVE instead of deprive! 

Detoxes are meant to starve your body. Absolutely NOT. They should restore, balance, and strengthen. By eliminating toxins and nourishing with healthy nutrients, you can safeguard against inflammation and disease while rejuvenating your gut's natural balance. Your gut health is at the root of so many frustrating health issues. Maybe it's acid reflux, brain fog, trouble losing weight… the list goes on. 

You are in luck because I am hosting a 10-Day Gut Health Detox that includes 3 calls with ME so that you can learn how to detox for true, lasting health. SIGN UP TODAY—we start on April 18th! It’s 50% off right now!



I LOVE hearing from you. If someone tells you a piece of “health advice” that sounds fishy and curious about my opinion, please message me on my Instagram page. I’ll cover it in Part Two (or maybe Three) of this series.

Also, always feel free to ask questions, share your “health myths,” and just say HI via my Instagram page

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