Alkaline Diet Recipe: Green and Glorious Breakfast Smoothie

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Green and Glowing Breakfast SmoothieOne of the suggestions I often make is to start off each day with a delicious and nutritious smoothie.


I try to drink at least one smoothie or fresh, green juice each day. It’s a great way to get in some extra vitamins and minerals, reverse the effects of acid-forming foods, keep your body hydrated, and of course, prevent weight gain.


Plus, smoothies are so versatile, you can add protein sources or good fats if you’re needing extra or trying to balance out the sugar content.


The smoothie recipe I want to share with you today is perfect if you indulged a little more than usual over the holidays (you’re certainly not alone if that’s you).


It packs a nutritional punch while helping to clear out toxins and sludge-like acid that might have built up in your system.


You might notice that it calls for a persimmon. Persimmons are usually available at this time of year and their looks might have you mistake them for oranges, but they taste very different. They have a mild, honey-like flavor that compliments the veggies in this smoothie well. If you can’t find persimmons at your grocery store or farmers’ market, substitute with pears or your favorite fruit.


Green and Glorious Breakfast Smoothie
Serves 1




½ bunch kale
1 handful spinach
½ cucumber
1 persimmon, sliced
½ cup coconut water


Blend and enjoy!


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