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Want to know just what Kelly Ripa eats in order to get that enviable bikini bod’? Of course you do!

Kelly’s nutritionist Dr. Daryl Gioffre, a celebrity nutritionist, alkaline diet expert and author of the book, Get Off Your Acid, chatted with E! News about his celeb client, who just so happened to write the forward to his book, and how she was able to remedy some problems that many people are silently enduring.

In the frank chat, Dr. Gioffre explained that the detox requires a few things that Kelly opted not to abstain from, but that meant the Live Kelly and Ryan host had good balance in her life.

“She literally is one of the healthiest and most balanced people that I know,” said the doctor.

From cutting out certain foods to adding others, Dr. Gioffre’s got all the ways to detox your diet Kelly Ripa-style!

So if you want all of Kelly’s nutrition details without having to pay full price of a visit to the good doc, take a gander at what he has to say about how Kelly kicked the acid to the curb and how you can too…

Why Did Kelly Come to See You: “Kelly came to my office…[because] she was just having these unusual aches and pains at night-time that she was feeling in her joints and you know looking back now, which she didn’t know at the time, that was the result of inflammation in her body.”

What Were the Big Issues? “Her main things were these unusual aches and pains which she’s never really had before and she didn’t understand why she was having it. She’s usually a very energetic person but…her energy wasn’t the way that it usually was and again those are typical signs of acid build up.”

How Do You Know If You Have Acid Build Up, Like Kelly?: One of the things in the book is the five stages of acidosis. The first stage is energy loss. People feel fatigued and how many people are walking around feeling that way. The third one is inflammation so what happens is as the acid builds up in your body it begins to progressively show itself as these different things and what’s the end stage, the fifth stage is chronic disease, things like cancer and heart disease and Alzheimer’s disease.”

What Acidic Foods Was Kelly Consuming a Lot of? “For Kelly one of the biggest ones that she was doing every single day and was thinking she was hydrating herself was carbonated water. Many people drink carbonated water thinking that it’s actually hydrating them but carbonated water breaks down into something called carbonic acid, which is one of the most acidic substances in the body and that was really one of the biggest things that she learned as we started uncovering this that was causing a lot of her inflammation.”

What Are Kelly’s Favorite Alkaline Foods? “Kelly has a few favorites…Her favourite smoothie, which is in the book because of her, is called ‘The Bloody Mary Smoothie.’ … One of her favorite meals was the… it’s called the quinoa burrito bowl…and her favorite indulgent snacks are the avocado chocolate mousse and the chocolate chia pudding.”

What Foods Were Hardest for Kelly to Eliminate on This Diet? “What I love about Kelly is that like she was super straight up in the beginning. She loves her coffee and I think this is the kind of testament to the power of the program is that she that she didn’t up her coffee…But I think that’s why I love Kelly so much which is this is about balance it’s not about deprivation it’s about moderation. The fact that she was still doing her coffee and her rosé but what she did do was the other 80 percent of the program and she did it a one hundred percent”

“There’s a couple things that she just didn’t want to give up but that’s what being balanced is about. I think that’s what I appreciate most about her.”

How Long Did it Take for Kelly to Notice the Change? “Three days, which is incredible. I think the biggest thing was that all her aches and pains disappeared a hundred percent and I think that really blew her mind away. So that was probably one of the biggest things. She really noticed a big change in energy levels. She worked out on a regular basis. She felt that her workouts got much stronger.”

Has Kelly Ever Done the 7-Day Cleanse You Offer? “When she came to me, that’s when she did. She actually did the seven-day alkaline cleanse, which kick started the whole thing. So she did the cleanse and then after that she just kind of did this other regular lifestyle because she felt so good…She really liked that you don’t have to count calories on this system, it’s not about limiting your portion sizes.

Get Off Your Acid: 7 Steps in 7 Days to Lose Weight, Fight Inflammation, and Reclaim Your Health and Energy is available online.

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