10 Tricks & Tips to Eat Healthy AND Save Money






Would you believe me if I said that you can eat the healthiest, organic foods on the planet AND save money at the same time?

Believe it or not, it’s easy to do if you follow a few tricks and tips. The great thing about alkaline, clean keto foods is that they can be very affordable if you know how to shop, cook, and eat.

Not to mention the greatest money savings of all – staying healthy and avoiding all of the doctors’ visits, pills, and even surgeries that come from chronic inflammatory diseases and pain. That’s money even the wealthiest among us don’t want to spend!

Here are my 10 best ways to eat healthy, lose weight if you want to, get energized, AND save money.

  1. Eat at Home

The best thing you can do for your waistline, health, and budget, is to make as much of your own food as possible. Let’s face it – as much as we love eating out and getting take out, it’s not good for us and it’s much more expensive than cooking at home.

With the challenges of the coronavirus crisis, I’m all for supporting local restaurants, but if you’re going to get take out, view it as a once in a while treat and not an everyday occurrence.

  1. Go Vegan – Or Mostly Vegan

The areas of the grocery store where the money adds up quickly are meat, seafood, the deli, and the cheese counter. So if you can avoid those areas, or choose very few items from them, you’ll save a lot of money easily.

Stick to the fresh produce section, where most of the prices are very reasonable or even cheap. For example, if you build a meal around beets instead of steak, you can easily save $20 on just one meal.

You will also need staples from the bulk foods or natural and organic section, but if you avoid a lot of the processed foods in those areas, what you do need doesn’t cost that much and often lasts for a while in your pantry.

  1. Plan Ahead

Anytime you want to save money on food, planning is a necessity. Before you head to the grocery store, sit down and plan out meals you want to eat, what ingredients you already have, and what you need to buy.

Try to overlap ingredients where you can. For example, if you buy a pricier item like pomegranate seeds for a salad, plan to make a breakfast, dessert, or another salad that can utilize the excess so it doesn’t go to waste. That brings me to my next tip…

  1. Stick to Your Plan

Both when you’re shopping and when you’re prepping meals, stick with the list.

At the store, use a grocery app or paper list and pen to only buy what you came for. And remember the old adage: don’t shop when you’re hungry!

Then when mealtime comes, if you throw your hands up and say, “Let’s order sushi,” you’ve wasted money on not only the groceries, but the extra expense of takeout too. That can easily add up to $50 or more in extra expense. Make sure you cook what you buy and eat what you cook.

  1. For Smoothies, Buy Frozen

You know that most days in my house start with fresh green smoothies for everyone. One way we make that easy without breaking the bank is buying frozen, organic fruit in large containers. For the same price as a carton of fresh strawberries, for example, you can buy a huge bag with 2 or 3 times as many berries that will last for weeks. Frozen fruit is ready to go into smoothies, and usually picked at the height of freshness so the maximum nutrients are retained.

  1. Choose Seasonal, Local Produce

In the fresh produce section of the store, the fruits and veggies that get expensive quickly are the ones that are out-of-season and flown in from all over the country, and even internationally. When you stick with what’s fresh and in-season, produce is not only cheaper, it’s also more packed with vitamins and minerals because the transportation process degrades nutrients.

Another great way to save money while eating healthy is to skip the grocery store altogether in favor of your local farmers’ market. They often sell seasonal produce for lower prices than the grocery stores, and you’re more likely to find organic, minimally processed foods. Buying a local CSA share is also an affordable option where seasonal, fresh foods get delivered right to your door.

  1. Build Meals Around Staples

Inexpensive staple foods like beans, chickpeas, bulk quinoa, and lentils are full of nutrients. For around $1 per can of chickpeas, for example, you can put together a satisfying dinner for pennies on the dollar compared with meat. You’re also less likely to waste them because of their long shelf life.

  1. Make Enough for Leftovers

If you want to save both time and money while eating healthy, this is the best tip of all. Buying and cooking in bulk saves money in the long run. Make double or even triple portions of the meals you cook, and use leftovers for lunches or second dinners.

Almost any dish can be saved as leftovers. Just make sure to hold the dressing on salads until you’re ready to eat and wait to slice avocados. Here are a few of my favorite recipes for doubling and saving leftovers:

  1. Skip Processed Foods, Drinks, and Snacks

The processed foods in the middle of the store are more expensive per meal than produce and pantry staples, which are often sold in containers with more servings per package. And I don’t have to tell you which choice is better for you!

This is true nowhere more than bottled drinks. You’d have to buy a lot of lemons, limes, and teabags to equal the price of all of the sodas, bottled juices, carbonated water, wine bottles, and sports drinks most people drink. Invest that money in a good filter for your water instead and your body and wallet will thank you.

  1. Get Your Greens the Easy Way

By starting your day with Alkamind Daily Greens, you’re getting a dose of the most powerful, alkaline foods on the planet at the best possible value.

No waste, no prep time, and no extra trips to the grocery store to stock up on pounds and pounds of greens.

Can you imagine shopping for 21 different green superfoods every week?!

Plus, the wheatgrass is actually more digestible than if you were to add wheatgrass to a juice or smoothie. So you’re going to absorb more of the wheatgrass and other beneficial ingredients.

Our Citrus Flavor Greens are a customer favorite!

“I am currently reading Get Off Your Acid by Dr. Gioffre and incorporated Daily Greens Citrus into my morning routine. I really enjoy the clean, fresh taste of Citrus Greens and look forward to drinking a glass or 2 each day.” –Courtney D. (Verified Buyer)

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Dr. Daryl

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