15 Alkaline Recipes to Enjoy on Memorial Day (or Any Summer Day)

I’m excited to celebrate the unofficial start of summer this weekend, and I bet you are too.

If you’re marking the weekend with the first barbeque you’ve enjoyed with a group of friends in a while, heading to the beach or on vacation, or getting the whole family together to swim and play, you’re going to need some tasty summer food to bring with you.

But that’s the problem with the typical fare you find at barbeques, the beach, and poolside – heavy meats with chemical-based sauces, fried chips, potato salads thick with mayonnaise, alcoholic beverages, and sugary desserts.

What do those foods have in common? They all increase the acid and inflammation our bodies have to fight off, depleting us of energy and making us more susceptible to disease.

So today, I’m sharing 15 good alkaline, healthy options amidst all the acid you find at a typical summer get-together. You can still enjoy quality time with friends and family without the acid when you have delicious, show-stopping dishes like the ones below.

The best thing about these recipes is that they can be prepared in advance (with maybe just slicing an avocado when it’s time to eat), so you’ll have a healthy, delicious, laid back weekend to kick off summer!

15 Best Alkaline Summer Recipes


Simplicity and convenience is king when it comes to being healthy.

This summer side salad could not be simpler or more tasty! Plus it requires no cooking – always a good thing at this time of year – and it’s ready in minutes.

I like to use a mandolin to quickly slice 2 or even 3 cucumbers, making enough of this to last for a few meals.

Unlike salads made with lettuce, this only gets better if it sits for a day or two in your fridge. You can leave off the sesame seeds and sprinkle them at the end so they maintain that crunchy texture you’ll love.


This is a deliciously alkaline recipe that you’re going to enjoy all summer long.

Tomatoes might be starting to hit the farmers' markets where you live, and if so, this is a great way to enjoy the low-sugar, low-acid fruit that is so flavorful at this time of year.

If you love cheese, you’ve got to try the Creamy Nut Cheese that you’ll stuff these tomatoes with. It will satisfy your cheese cravings for sure.


The avocado dip is addictive, the sweet mango adds a tropical taste, and the crunchy combination of the veggies will leave you wanting more. You can have them as a healthy snack, or a chic dish at a summer party…

Either way, they are SURE to be a hit, and get ready, because your friends will most likely be asking you for the recipe!


This easy, delicious dinner is perfect for hot days where you want to spend as little time in front of the stove as possible. It’s very satisfying and filling, between the quinoa, beans, and veggies. It’s also flavorful with green onion, cilantro, cumin, and lime.

And it’s versatile. Add alkaline salsa or hot sauce, other fresh veggies you’ve got in the fridge, or slices of avocado. You can make a big batch of quinoa in advance and this will come together in minutes to serve hot or cold.




Have you ever tried watermelon gazpacho?

It’s a delicious, cold summer soup much like tomato gazpacho. But in this case, the watermelon takes the place of the tomato. Watermelon is light, juicy, and a little sweet, making this gazpacho a refreshing summer meal.

You’ll want to make it early in the day so that the flavors have a chance to infuse and blend together. Leave it overnight in your refrigerator and you’ll enjoy the taste that much more!

It’s easy to make, and perfect for a light meal on a hot summer day.







I’ve got a delicious recipe for you to take on summer picnics in the park. These flavorful, mouthwatering sandwiches are as good for you as they are delicious.

They are high in healthy fats that fuel your body and brain. The sandwiches are served on flax crackers, or “flackers,” although you could substitute Ezekiel bread if you eat any gluten.


Salads like this make a great summer dinner or lunch. You’re going to love this dressing. You can make a bigger batch of it and use it throughout the week for salads and quinoa bowls.


This is another avocado recipe you’re going to love. These lettuce cups are so good, you’ll swear you are eating out at a gourmet restaurant!

But unlike the food in most restaurants, they’re actually packed with nutrition. You’ll get protein, fiber, a whole host of vitamins and minerals, and the cilantro will deliver a couple of nutrients that are key for cleansing your liver: linalool and glutathione.

Kids love these lettuce cups so they make a great family dinner or lunch, and you can prepare them in just a few minutes, which is good because you might need to make seconds!


I love regular hummus, but this knocks it out of the park!

It’s smooth and velvety, rich and creamy, nutty, and flavorful all at the same time. And of course, it’s highly alkaline, so you can dip raw veggies in it to your heart’s content.

Another thing I like about this recipe is that it keeps better than a lot of avocado dishes and dips. So you can make it in advance of a party and it won’t brown like guacamole will.


This fruit salad combines ripe peaches, nectarines, cherries, and blueberries with citrus, mint, and coconut butter. So while a typical fruit salad is on the acidic side, this one is more alkaline thanks to the healthy fats, herbs, and lemon juice.

It’s also a good reminder that it’s all about moderation. This might not be as highly alkaline as a green juice, but it’s much better for you than a hot dog or pasta salad.



This is the best of summer ingredients on one plate!

I substituted creamy avocado for the mozzarella in this version that’s perfect as hors d’oeuvres or part of your dinner. You’re going to love this combination so much, you won’t miss the acidic version!


If you like gazpacho, you’ll love this zesty flavor combo. It’s a slight twist on regular gazpacho with the peppery flavor of arugula. It’s raw, highly alkaline, and loaded with minerals, so it’s going to give you extra energy while also delivering a ton of detoxifying nutrients.


This recipe is similar to a Vietnamese spring roll, but much easier and better for you. Simply roll these up for a quick lunch, share them when entertaining, or pack them up to take on the go. If you’re going to pack these, roll tightly and store in a container without a lot of excess air to keep the avocado from browning.

Feel free to add extra ingredients like more crunchy veggies and change them up each time. They’re super versatile, so they work well for the whole family.


Popsicles, anyone?

There’s nothing better at this time of year than a frozen treat, especially if it’s alkaline!

These popsicles combine kid-friendly watermelon with adult-friendly mint and lime for a flavor combination that’s sure to please everyone. They make a nutritious dessert option on any hot summer day.


This is a perfect treat you can give kids without spoiling them with tons of sugar. Don’t worry, you don’t need to tell them it’s actually healthy for them.

No kids? You’ll enjoy this frozen dessert too! And because it’s alkaline, you can indulge guilt free.

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Dr. Daryl

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