Are your kids picky eaters? Here’s how to sneak in loads of nutrition

Attention moms of picky kids—here are my 10-second hacks to sneaking in optimal nutrition!

I recently talked to a mom named Jenny. Her story is one of the main reasons I created Alkamind. Keep reading to find out my main “why.

She used to have the most challenging time getting nutrition into her stubborn 3-year-old boy, but now Alkamind products give her the most wonderful piece of mind, knowing he’s getting optimal nutrition—sans tears and tantrums.

Before having kids, she swore that her kids would never be picky eaters. They would eat what she ate and love mealtime. If you are a parent, you probably laugh with Jenny. You really can’t do much against 3-year-old boy logic, can you?! 

Then, one day, as she was making a glass of Acid-Kicking Greens, it hit her: I drink this daily because of my wildly busy days of kid’s schedules, work, marriage, social life, and trying to keep up with laundry. Right now, I have no time for spending hours making veggie-packed meals that my family won’t even eat…why don’t I just see if my boy will eat it? I think the Peach and Citrus flavors totally take away the veggie taste.

So she snuck a half scoop of Acid-Kicking Green: Peach into a sippy cup (so he wouldn’t see the color difference) and mixed in his favorite juice and some water. And to her shock and delight—he drank it without noticing or saying anything about the 21 nutrient-dense alkaline superfoods! Jenny was shocked and overjoyed. The weight of not giving her kid the nutrients he needs to grow and be healthy was lifted. 

Experiment—Alkamind Style.

She then started experimenting. He gobbled up Chocolate Acid-Kicking Protein in almond mylk and Acid-Kicking Minerals: Strawberry-Kiwi mixed mostly with water and some juice.

Then Jenny realized Acid-Kicking Coffee Alkalizer tastes like Vanilla and Hazelnut creamers, so she mixed them into coconut mylk, and he loved the sweet taste.

She even told me that one day, she just mixed a bit of protein, greens, and mineral powders into cashew milk, and he drank it all. Superior health in a sippy cup.

I honestly got a bit emotional when she started telling me how much happier and better behaved her boy was because, of course, his body was fueled by supremely healthy ingredients. 

This takes me to the moral of this story and my WHY: Alkamind is for the ENTIRE FAMILY! 

The Extremely Picky Kid Recipe Library

If you are tired of “healthy eating” being a daily battle, here are my tried-and-true recipes that even the pickiest of kids crave and a few smart dessert swaps. For more tips and advice from my wife, Chelsea, on raising alkaline kids, please read this blog post.

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