Beauty is Health

Beauty is health.
Health is beauty.
Beauty comes from kicking acid and sugar.

Improving and healing your skin, nails, and hair is also an inside job. I am not telling you to give up your favorite serums and creams, but I’m going to give you some food for thought.

Skin damage, brittle hair and nails, and “normal signs of aging” do NOT have to become your norm. While you can’t control your chronological age (the actual number of trips around the sun), you CAN CONTROL your biological age. I really did mean “food for thought,” as the food and supplements you eat (and exercise and sleep) make all the difference.

Your biological age is the true measure of health and beauty. According to Harvard Health, biological age refers to epigenetic alteration and DNA methylation, which express how able and functioning you are and whether you have diseases related to old age.

In other words, how old your body and mind function, look, and feel. That is all up to YOU! Your biological age is also a great measuring stick for assessing and preventing diseases that come with aging. 

Ever wonder why some people age rapidly while others are “ageless?” The secret isn’t just found in the next $200 miracle cream on your bathroom shelf—it’s actually in your kitchen cabinets!

  • Omega-3s—OHH YAAA: That is your skin shouting as Omega-3 is the #1 most powerful supplement for skin texture, tone, and elasticity. Order Omega-3s here.
  • More Minerals: Adding more minerals to your body slows down the effects of aging on a cellular level and prompts your body to sleep better. Beauty sleep is real! Order minerals here.

  • Go green: “Going green” is good for all aspects of your life and home, and did you know chlorophyll is a clinically-proven skin healer that improves fine lines and wrinkles? Drinking green superfoods daily also heals skin damage. The greener the better! Order greens here.

  • Let your skin blossom: Black Seed Oil reduces inflammation in the skin that exacerbates the signs of aging. That old saying, “the grass is greener where you plant and water it,” is totally true. Planting Black Seed Oil in your body every day gives you 1000x more active antioxidants than vitamin E, Echinacea, or elderberry—and 3x more anti-inflammatory power than turmeric! Order BLK Seed Oil here.

  • Power-up: Add a scoop of organic protein to your day to help build lean muscle to tone your beautiful skin as you burn fat. Order plant-based protein here.

  • It IS NOTICEABLE when you take good care of your body, mind, and soul. If your body isn’t starved for nutrition and sleep, it GLOWS. Learning not to let stress latch onto your jaw or forehead releases wrinkles. When you are connected spiritually, your body looks and feels more at peace. 

    Mental, physical, emotional health, and beauty are woven together and should be cared for as a package deal. Meditation, prayer, massages, exercise, fresh air and sunshine, hydration, supplements, alkaline foods, and fun times with friends and family should all be part of your beauty routine. 

    Try it for yourself. For the next 30 days, incorporate all the above into your beauty routine and you will be dazzled by the results! It’s time to be the queen that you are! 

    P.S. I really do mean you can change your biological age. Check this out:

    Sam Rubin, TV Entertainment Anchor, worked with me for just a few months and is now 9 years younger! WOW! Watch the full story HERE!

    NOW, YOU CAN DO THE SAME! I am offering the same package to anyone who wants to drastically lower their biological age! Click here to jump into your BEST HEALTH EVER!

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