Dr. Daryl’s TOP SWAPS: Cooking Essentials


This is the first blog in a series of my TOP SWAPS. Stay tuned for more easy but life-changing swaps. 

Not all foods and ingredients are created equally. There are GOOD fats, like avocado, and DAMAGING fats, like anything at McDonald’s. The same goes for everyday kitchen necessities like salt, cooking oils, and sugar. 

They either fuel or fight diseases.

All you need to do is make a few simple switches that will actually make your cooking taste even better.

Below are the TOP SWAPS I strongly suggest making today, and the science behind it.

Dr. Daryl’s MUST Have Cooking Ingredients 


Only use these brands: Celtic Grey, Himalayan Pink Salt, or Redmond Real Salt 

We’ve been scared by doctors and even nutritionists to stay away from salt because it will raise your blood pressure, damage your cardiovascular system, and ultimately kill you. Well, this has been totally taken out of context.

First, your body doesn’t run on proteins, fats, or carbs. It runs on MINERAL SALTS (both macro minerals like magnesium and trace minerals, too). They are the single most important neuroprotector of your brain and nervous system, and that is why I created Acid-Kicking Minerals so you can easily get everything you need for optimal health.

The RIGHT salts carry nutrients into your cells, regulate blood pressure, and provide many other LIFE-GIVING functions.

On the flip side, there are salts that KILL, such as table salt (a.k.a. sodium chloride), which is loaded with synthetic ingredients, such as anticaking agents, bleach, plastics, and fluoride.


Only use these options: Organic coconut oil, avocado oil, and olive oil (to drizzle on, not to cook with). 

NEVER EVER USE SEED OILS: soybean oil, “vegetable” oil, safflower oil, corn oil, canola oil, etc. I repeat: NEVER use seed oils; they are more toxic than cigarettes! Please read this article to uncover why.

Coconut, avocado, and other non-seed oils are HEALTHY FATS that energize, protect your organs, support cell growth, increase nutrient absorption, aid in weight loss, regulate blood pressure, and fuel your brain.

Acid-Kicking Coffee Alkalizer, Acid-Kicking Plant-Based Protein, and my avocado snack are luscious ways to get the 25% of healthy fats your body needs for optimal health and easy weight loss.


Ok, this one may be a total shocker since one of my main mottos is “Get Off Your Sugar”! But there are some sugars that you SHOULD treat yourself with.

Bake with these sugar options: Organic monk fruit, date sugar, coconut sugar, or liquid stevia

Refined sugar is a root cause of brain fog, depression, skin problems, inflammation, chronic disease, stomach issues, cancer, ADHD, candida, premature aging, obesity, etc. All issues that are now considered “NORMAL” in our poisoned society. 

However, some sugars are actually GOOD for you in moderation. The ones mentioned above don’t spike your blood sugar, are anti-inflammatory, contain antioxidants and minerals, have a low glycemic score, and can be nutrient-rich. How sweet is that?! 

As you can see, optimal health is all about making better choices—not depriving yourself of things you love. Salt, cooking oils, and sugar CAN be healthy and essential parts of your diet. Just use Dr. Daryl-approved options.

Stay tuned for Dr. Daryl’s TOP SWAPS: Honey and Milk—arriving in a few weeks.
P.S. Have you made one of my “dessert drinks” for your kids? These sweet treats strengthen your little one’s heart, brain, and gut, all while truly being “refined sugar-free.” #BestMomHack

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