Dr. Daryl's TOP Sleep Hacks

PRIORITIZE YOUR SLEEP. I can’t stress this enough. Just do it. Deep, restorative sleep is CRITICAL for a healthy mind, body, and soul. 

I could easily write a novel on the importance of sleep—in my sleep—I research it that much. But since I want you to prioritize your time so you can get a solid sleep tonight, this blog post will serve as a super quick summary. 

Why a deep, restorative sleep is a MUST for optimal health:

  • Regulates your metabolism—AKA: helps you sustainably lose and manage your weight.
  • Reduces mental fatigue and brain fog.
  • Restores your body so your gut health and microbiome are strong enough to fight off illness.
  • Lowers your risk for serious health problems like heart disease and diabetes.
  • It just makes you feel happier and act nicer to your family and coworkers.
  • It helps you tap into your creativity and critical thinking so that you can achieve more in school, work, and everyday life.
  • The American College of Cardiology annual meeting found that “Getting enough sleep was associated with greater protection of death from all causes.”

We all know that quality sleep is important. That’s nothing groundbreaking. However, it’s still one of the most ignored health hacks of all time. Don’t wait until your body breaks down. Take charge of your sleep tonight with my TOP SLEEP HACKS.

Dr. Daryl’s TOP Sleep Hacks

  • Cut off your caffeine. Caffeine has a shelf life of 5 hours in your body, so save it for the morning. If you drink coffee, make sure to add a scoop of Acid-Kicking Coffee Alkalizer to neutralize the acid and add in brain-boosting superfoods.

  • Do the early-bird special. Stop eating 3 hours before going into lalaland. When you eat too close to bedtime, your body won’t have the capacity to repair itself because it will be distracted by digestion. 

  • Be cool. Literally. Studies show that people sleep the best in room temps between 60-68 degrees.

  • Make a deal with magnesium. Move over melatonin (even though it can be helpful and good for your body to take). Magnesium can help you catch those ever-elusive Zs because it helps calm your nervous system, relax your muscles (no more restless leg syndrome), and maintain your body’s GABA levels—neurotransmitters responsible for "turning off" wakefulness. Magnesium also increases your body’s dopamine levels, which are responsible for your motivation and enjoyment.

  • You can order my Acid-Kicking Magnesium—a trio of the most bioavailable forms of magnesium—right here. If you really want to experience the Best.Sleep.Ever. wash down a magnesium supplement with a glass of Acid-Kicking Minerals. Together, they will calm and refuel your body so that you wake up ready to kick acid and take charge of your life.

  • Stop screen-ing yourself to a terrible sleep. It’s far too easy (and addictive) to watch TV and scroll your phone before bedtime. Instead of “relaxing your brain” as people claim, it stimulates your mind, reduces your body’s production of melatonin, and countless studies provide it dramatically reduces sleep quality. To take away the temptation to look at your phone in the middle of the night when on a bathroom trip, turn your phone on airplane mode, or even put it in a different room. Doing so also terminates most of the radiation emitted from your phone—which leads to all sorts of problems.

  • For more health hacks, please follow my personal Instagram page, the Alkamind Instagram page, and the Get Off Your Acid Blog. You ARE in control of your health and destiny. Today (or tonight), take action towards the healthy life you have always wanted. Sweet dreams.

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