How to buy Dr. Daryl-Approved eggs, meat, and dairy

Buying "organic" beef could still mean the cows were fed corn, soy, and other toxin ingredients instead of what Mother Nature intended. "Cage-Free" chickens may never see the sunshine or feel the fresh air on their feathers. 

This is why I am exposing the truth behind animal products and what to look for at the store—or, better yet, your local farm. Eggs, meat, and dairy can be part of your Alkamind STRENGTH-EATING™ diet. Just make sure you buy the Dr. Daryl-Approved options.

I list out “better” and “best” options so you know exactly what to buy. However, if you don’t remember all the details, just focus on brands that keep things as simple as possible: Fresh air, grass, and sunshine. Instead of GMOs, antibiotics, and moldy barns.

The truth behind common terms on animal products.

Natural environments and diets = the health benefits that animals were intended to give us.

Cages and chemicals = horrible health issues.

Let’s investigate.

Animal real estate:

  • Cage-free: This means the animals, mostly chickens, are not kept in cages their entire lives. However, they may not even see the outside of a dark, musky barn. The hens could also be injected with growth hormones and fed a diet of GMO corn. However, it is better than caged factory farms because they could be living next to 5-7 other hens in a 4-foot wide and 15-inch-high cage. 
  • Free-range: The animals are allowed outside, but the space requirements are vague. Some free-range chickens only get 2 square feet of pasture for themselves.
  • Pasture-raised: This is the gold standard you can buy at a grocery store. The animals get to roam in vast and vegetative pastures, and a minimum of 103 square feet for each animal. They are only indoors to sleep at night to protect them from weather and predators. 
  • Farmed fish: They are often rife with parasites, fed fishmeal, and given antibiotics to combat diseases. Many have levels of PCBs high enough to rate a health advisory. Some are even dyed to look “normal and healthy.”
  • Wild-caught fish: They are harvested in their natural environments, reducing pollutants and mercury. This blog reels in myths, shares which fish to eat, and how to avoid mercury.

Animal diets:

  • No mention of diet: This means they are most likely fed a GMO mash-up of corn, soy, and other horrible ingredients. 
  • Grass-fed: This one is tricky because it means the animals get to eat grass. However, it is just a part of their diets. They also eat GMO grains, corn, soy, and other toxic ingredients high in omega-6s.
  • Grass-finished: From birth to slaughter, they eat only grass, just as they have since the beginning of time. I only buy grass-finished eggs, dairy, and meat. 
  • Antibiotic-free: To combat diseases created by horrific living conditions, animals are often given antibiotics—meaning you are eating their antibiotics. Always look for antibiotic-free labels, and please read this blog on my post-antibiotics protocol. 
  • A2: When it comes to dairy products, make sure to buy A2 instead of A1 cows. Here’s the difference. A1 beta-casein is hard to digest and can cause allergies, type 1 diabetes, inflammation, and autoimmune diseases because it doesn’t break down well in your body. A2 is similar to human breast milk, making it designed for human digestion. Many people who are lactose-intolerant and actually just A1 sensitive. 


  • Better: Pasture-raised and organic. Vital Farms is a great company that is sold in many chain grocery stores across the country. 
  • Best: Check out local farms and make it a family experience. If you can find one that offers organic and pasture-raised eggs, support your local farmer and economy.  Even better than the best—raise your own chickens! 


  • Better: Grass-finished and organic. is a fantastic delivery option.
  • Best: Get to know the local cows so you can see how they actually live. Buying meat at farmer’s markets or local butchers also ensures your meat wasn’t shipped across the world.


  • Better: Organic, pasture-raised, A2 dairy products. A2 Company and Alexandre Family Farms dairy products are sold at many chain grocery stores.
  • Best: Organic, pasture-raised raw milk. It is pure, unprocessed, and nutrient-dense milk–just as Mother Nature intended. The proteins, vitamins, and minerals are unlocked by enzymes, and the sugar is slowly absorbed and broken down. Everything about raw milk works as it naturally should.

Some things are just worth it. Being cheap is expensive; low-cost, toxic animal products can lead to big medical bills and a lifetime of miserable symptoms. 

If you are thinking, (cuss word), I have been eating GMOs, artificial hormones, pesticides, etc., for decades now. Then, a 3-Day or 10-Day Gut Detox is exactly what you need to clear out and start fresh.

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