January 1st to 4th = The Great Detox. 


No sugar. 

No Fats. 

No gluten. 


Working out at 5 am. 

January 5th (if you last that long). Your big “health kick” is all over, and you feel like a bigger failure. You ask yourself, “Why can’t I live a healthy life?” “I feel so gross, and I didn’t even feel that great when I was depriving myself of all bad things…” 

Deprivation is why you're actually not healthy at all “health plan” failed. 92% quit their New Year’s Resolutions by January 15th because they focus on TAKING AWAY instead of ADDING IN. 

This January, make your resolution about Jan-YOU-ary: all about what you can give to yourself!

Focus on ADDING in: 

  • Supplements your body needs for optimal health. For example, your body can’t make omega 3’s, but it’s an ideal way to boost your memory, reduce depression, and slow down aging.

  • Exercises that you enjoy. If you enjoy it - you will do it! Also, think of exercise as doing something to feel happier, prevent illnesses, and naturally detox by sweating. 
  • Being super intentional about managing stress, even if that means - you are just “being.” Being present, being grateful, being you! Stress is the #1 cause of acid! Here are 10 ways to manage stress right now.

January 1st is just a few days away, so join Team Acid Kicker for a month of adding in instead of taking away so you can experience optimal health—that can easily last all year long!

Yep, I did make the shirts, cups, bags, hoodies, and hats you have been asking for! Please tag me on social media; I’d love to see it and re-share! 

Here’s a simple New Year’s Resolutions plan that will make a MASSIVE difference in your health:

  • 1 scoop of Acid-Kicking Greens with breakfast. Add it to a smoothie, or just shoot it down with some water. This one scoop gives you a blend of 21 vegetables, grasses, herbs, low-sugar fruits, and nutrient-rich superfoods!
  • Alkalize your morning coffee. I told ya, Team Acid Kicker is all about adding in! Go on and enjoy your coffee ritual, just alkalize it with Acid-Kicking Alkalizer & Brain Booster.

  • YOU Time, even if it is just for 4 minutes. No screens allowed. Close your eyes and meditate, wildly dance to your favorite song, get creative and doodle on paper, write down 8 things that bring you joy, or twist and stretch. This is your time to go within, connect with your soul, and wipe away some anxiety and stress.

  • 1 scoop of Acid-Kicking Minerals in the evening. This will help calm your body before bedtime and provide the alkaline minerals your body needs to reduce aches, pains, and stress.

YOU GOT THIS! This January, chuck deprivation out the window and focus on giving yourself real, lasting health and happiness!

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