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You know how committed I am to fighting the David and Goliath battle against cancer.

My own father passed away from esophageal cancer a couple of years ago, so this topic hits close to home. Many of you watched as I was featured on The Truth About Cancer documentary series, telling my powerful and emotional story about my father’s battle. And over the years, I’ve shared advice and information on preventing cancer and other serious diseases.

So imagine my excitement when new research was published in early October that validates and solidifies what I’ve been saying all along.

Today, I’ll share with you the research and let you in on how you can benefit from this information to prevent cancer for yourself and your loved ones.

I’ll be honest… some of this information is weighty and dense. But knowledge is power and if reading this can prevent just one person from becoming a victim to the #2 cause of death in America today, it will be worth the read.

Along with the bacteria that makes up your all-important microbiome, there’s another tiny resident that calls your gut home, and that’s fungi. Although much smaller in numbers than bacteria, there are enough fungi living within the body that scientists call it the mycobiome, because myco means fungus (and more so, because of the OVERGROWTH of the fungus and yeast living in people’s guts, which is BAD).

The delicate balance of fungus is important to your overall health, and modern medical science is beginning to catch up with that idea, long-held by those of us who are at times skeptical of the medical establishment.

You see, everyone has some fungus within the body, but if there’s too much, it can actually change your immune system and contribute to the development of cancer cells.

The scholarly journal Nature published this research with an accompanying article stating, “In some cases, changes in the biodiversity of fungal communities are linked to aggravated inflammatory-disease outcomes. For example, intestinal overgrowth of Candida albicans [a.k.a. yeast]… has been associated with severe forms of intestinal ulcers and with mold-induced asthma. Moreover, it is becoming apparent that there is a relationship between the gut mycobiome and human cancers, including colorectal and esophageal cancer.

The study did not stop there. Researchers went on in more detail…

What can happen is that fungi set up shop within the pancreas if the conditions are right. The fungal environment in the pancreas of a patient with cancer is markedly different than that of a healthy patient’s pancreas. There is 3,000 times more fungus in a cancerous pancreas than a healthy one.  

Furthermore, there’s proof that the relationship between the fungus and cancer is causal, or in other words, fungus is causing the cancer to grow. When researchers gave mice anti-fungal medication, tumors stopped growing, but when they started getting yeast again, the tumors started to grow again.

What’s Behind the Fungus-Cancer Relationship

I’ve long said that mushrooms and other fungi are acidic and harmful, which goes against many other health experts. In fact, in my book, which was published almost 2 years before this study, I wrote, “Avoid eating [mushrooms], especially if you are having any health challenges with leaky gut, cancer, yeast, or mold.”

Now you know why. But the relationship between fungus in food and fungus in our bodies is not quite that simple.

Lots of factors (and lots of foods) create an environment where fungus can thrive in and on the body. The most important factor is the consumption of sugar.

Sugar is food for cancer cells. If you deny cancer cells of sugar, they simply cannot survive. Meanwhile, healthy cells require something different to thrive: oxygen. If a healthy cell is denied oxygen for long enough, it can become cancerous.

The New York Times article on the research entitled “In the Pancreas, Common Fungi May Drive Cancer” stated that, “There is increasing scientific consensus that the factors in a tumor’s ‘microenvironment’ are just as important as the genetic factors driving its growth.”

Dr. Joseph Mercola went further in his article about the research findings, “Tumors excrete acid and the spread of the cancer cells is stimulated by acidic conditions in the surrounding tissues. Acid is a byproduct of glucose metabolism, which ties in with research showing cancer feeds on and is accelerated by a diet high in sugar.”


This is what I’ve been saying for years! It’s great to see the medical establishment catching up with the science.

This has enormous implications for the prevention and treatment of pancreatic cancer because measuring the amount of fungus in the pancreas may establish risk of pancreatic cancer, and may lead to treating the fungal environment, not just the cancer.

That’s hugely significant because pancreatic cancer is one of the deadliest forms out there. 75% of patients die within a year of diagnosis.

But I would go farther, arguing that this has enormous implications for the prevention and treatment of cancer as a whole.

How You Can Benefit from This Cancer Research

I know all of this information has been dense and technical. And what you really want to know is… How can I keep myself and my family safe and healthy?

Well that’s the great news about this research. It lays out the case for creating an alkaline environment in which cancer cells and fungi cannot thrive. And keep in mind, 95% of cancer cases are rooted in the environment and lifestyle – only 5% of cases are caused by genetic defects, according to University of Texas researchers.

So what that means is you can prevent yourself and your loved ones from becoming victim to the terrible cancer statistics we face today.

Here is my 3-step plan for guarding yourself against cancer:

1. Replace sugar in your diet with green vegetables and healthy fats.

I’ve made the case against sugar. It’s harmful to your health. It’s helpful to cancer cells. The less you consume, the better. End of story.
Meanwhile, you want to create an oxygen-rich environment in your cells, and the way to do that is by eating chlorophyll-rich foods like leafy greens, herbs, green beans, peas, seaweed, and celery. You can also take Alkamind Daily Greens to help ensure you’re getting enough chlorophyll.

2. Heal your gut.

If you have any reason to believe that you have a leaky gut or otherwise have gut dysfunction like IBS or candida, it’s important that you heal the gut so that fungus cannot access the pancreas, just as it does not in healthy patients.

My protocol for doing so is spelled out in detail in Appendix I of my book. Here are the basics: bioactive silver hydrosol is a safe, effective treatment for chronic gut inflammation. Combining a safe brand of silver hydrosol with pure aloe vera juice in a ratio of 1:1, along with quality probiotics will clear up the environment.

3. Create an environment that discourages fungus.

Dr. Mercola links this new research on the connection between fungus and cancer to earlier studies showing that sodium bicarbonate, a.k.a. baking soda, prevents the growth of certain malignant tumors.

The reason for this is that you need to create an alkaline environment in the gut to inhibit the growth of nasty fungus, candida, and viruses.

If you’re not taking Alkamind Daily Minerals, you need to because it is the #1

best way to prevent these types of cancer. It’s important that your whole family get these minerals as well.
Sodium bicarbonate, the #1 ingredient in our Daily Minerals, increase the pH of your digestive tract, killing off bad bacteria and fungi, as well as producing a byproduct when combined with stomach acid that will go into your tissues and blood and make you more ALKALINE!
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Dr. Daryl

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