Part 2: Foods That You *Think* Are Healthy—But NOT

Please read Part One HERE!

You know all those “Instagram Vs. Reality” posts you are seeing these days—well, “the front of packaging vs. reality” should be just as popular a trend! 

Therefore, Food Detective Training: Part 2—starts now! For today’s class, we will read the fine print and critically think about 3 deceptive “health food staples.” Follow closely along, it is time to decode the clues!

Greek Yogurt

*Hand Raised* “Wait a minute, Dr. Daryl, my greek yogurt only has 9 grams of sugar and NO artificial sweeteners!” Good observation, and I love hearing that you know how poisonous artificial sweeteners affect your body!!

However, greek yogurt is STILL made out of COW’S MILK! Here’s my beef with cow’s milk:

  • It actually gives you weaker – not stronger – bones! While milk is high in calcium, it’s low in magnesium, which is necessary for calcium absorption. In fact, it has a 10:1 ratio of Ca to Mg—which is VERY imbalanced. You need a ratio of 1:1 to be able to ABSORB the calcium.
  • Dairy has 20 TIMES the amount of casein than human milk, which is poorly digested and very damaging to the human immune system.
  • Most dairy products are made from cows that feed on grains. Therefore, their milk contains pro-inflammatory omega-6 fatty acids, other acidic hormones, and pesticide residues.

I could go on until the cow’s come home 😉, but now it’s your turn to do some research. This blog post can be a great place to start! It’s time for the investigation to begin! Please report back as to why dairy is the #1 allergy for children—and everything else you learned.

If you still crave your yogurt, try the So Delicious brand of Greek-Style coconut milk yogurt! It tastes just as dreamy as a greek island vacation!

Sparkling/Carbonated Water

I know what you are already going to stay…”Um, Dr. Daryl, isn’t sparkling water a great choice because most have no calories or artificial sweeteners and are a significantly better option compared to toxic sodas?!

All of what you said is true. BUT—here comes the BUT: It takes around 20 glasses of water to neutralize the acid in ONE sparkling water! This fact really bursts the bubble of most of my clients when I tell them. However, once they start thinking about it, most tend to understand why they sometimes get heartburn or acid reflux after drinking a few. 

Carbonated water is infused with carbon dioxide, a waste product of respiratory metabolism (note: we breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide). 

Like I always say, perfection just leads to failure, so always aim for the 80/20 lifestyle. Lastly, if you do love your La Croix, please still indulge! Just drink one can a day and balance it out with a scoop of Acid-Kicking Minerals! Just one scoop will do the same trick as 20 glasses of water!

Whole Wheat Bread

Q: How many ingredients are in the typical loaf of bread at a grocery store? 

A: At least 15-30. EKKK! Sliced bread really isn’t the best thing since sliced bread, after all!

If you really pick apart all their ingredients, you will find your loaf is loaded with sugar, high fructose corn syrup, artificial ingredients, preservatives, and all sorts of things that should not enter your body!

Not only that, but the modern way of processing wheat leads to something called antinutrients, which means they prevent the body from absorbing any of the so-called ‘nutrients’ in the wheat product. I’m serious: there aren’t any “nutrients,” even though some will claim they do.

Here’s the bottom line, no matter how you slice it: It is a grain, and all grains can become contaminated with fungal mycotoxins (a cancer-causing fungus). 

GLUTEN = GLUE to your microbiome! Gluten causes leaky gut, creating craters in your small intestine, allowing toxins, yeast, mold, fungus, undigested proteins, and so forth to leak into your blood, causing massive amounts of inflammation, acidity, and auto-immune issues!!

However, fear not; there is a brand of bread that is actually really good for you! Unlike most gluten products, Ezekiel bread is a gluten food that's actually BETTER for you! Ezekiel Bread is available in the freezer section at just about every grocery store these days.

It utilizes sprouted grains and traditional processing methods to decrease the antinutrients and the amount of gluten (VERY minimal). Ezekiel does not contain sweeteners, preservatives (hence it being frozen), or artificial anything. Learn all about Ezekiel Bread here and a few ways your family will love eating it!

Making healthy family meals, enjoying refreshing beverages, and delighting your kids with desserts (that are actually good for them!) doesn’t have to be impossible or even stressful! My 4 Seasons Recipe eBook Bundle is here to guide you in each step of your Strength-Eating life! 

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