Sugar: Trick or Treat?

I love Halloween! Dressing up with my kids, decorating our front yard, chatting with neighbors during trick or treating—it’s a howling good time!

What I don’t love is ALLLL the artificial and toxic sugar engulfed by kids (and parents). It’s plain spooky what sugar does to your body, mind, and soul. Prematurely ages your cells, compromises your liver, impairs brain function…I could keep going until you turn ghost-white from horror! 

I’m not saying to entirely skip on those mini Snickers—I never would deny my children a big part of American childhood and parent traditions of sneaking a late-night Twix. What I am saying is to just make the candy part of Halloween a treat—not 27 treats! 

Sugar is a trickster. 

Even though sugar does taste like a harmless treat, it really is just a sneaky trick to invite fatigue, illness, inflammation, brain fog, and chronic disease into your body.

It is truly addictive, which is why more than 100 MILLION American adults—nearly 1 in 3—have diabetes or prediabetes. Almost half of American adults have heart disease, and close to 1 in 3 kids are overweight—thus on a track to diabetes and heart disease. 

Sugar can also be dressed in 62 (and counting) costumes and sneaks its way into places—like pasta sauce! Learn all about how sugar tricks you via this blog post.  

Why do I crave sugar?

I’m so glad you asked :) 

When your body is asking for a sugary sweet something, it’s actually telling you it desperately is lacking minerals.

This is one of the reasons why I created Acid-Kicking Minerals in sweet flavors, such as Kiwi-Strawberry, because minerals help you not crave sugar in the first place. 

Many diets and lifestyle plans tell you just to remove sugar, but they don’t give what it needs to prevent the craving. That is why so many people fail and then plain give up. You can’t remove the poison without providing an antidote.

What types of treats do you give your kids?

Another sweet discussion topic! 

Chelsea and my approach to parenting in our sugar-infiltrated world is to control what we can control—and let our kids be kids. None of us are perfect, and the occasional cupcake at a birthday party or Halloween cookie isn’t going to hurt if they eat an otherwise healthy diet.

But with that said, we don’t look at food as treats. Lots of parents hold candy or ice cream as a treat for good behavior or good grades. However, when you make sugar a goal to reach, your kids are getting the message that it’s good and worth working for.

Instead, we find other ways to treat our kids, such as taking them somewhere special or doing a fun art project. We also emphasize good choices and make cooking a family experience. I write all about it via this blog post.

Classic treats—just better!

I’m also not a guy who just takes classic treats away—I’m the guy who provides healthier and more delicious options!

For example, this Chocolate Frosty will send your taste buds back to leaving the Wendy’s drive-thru while sipping on cacao, the ultimate superfood! My no-sugar Alkaline Lemonade is delightfully refreshing—and it boosts your metabolism!

\I could go on and on, which is why I added all my favorite recipes to my book: Get Off Your Sugar. 

The book cuts through the clutter and explains why sugar addictions are hard-wired physiological responses that start at your first taste in life. It also provides real solutions on how to actually cut ties with sugar and live a life that feels delicious from the inside out!

Order your copy HERE!

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